I failed him.  She was captured, I never learned who kidnapped
them, Duranta -- whatever that is.  They took the kids as well.  I have
failed twice in five days.  I was arrogant to believe I could serve in
this position.  Perhaps, I should just go back to Ixaxis, learn sorcery
and then find that Abigail.  Maybe I can succeed in my mission of
vengeance.  So far, all I have been able to do is kill my father/uncle.  I
have learned a great deal from Benedict, yet it helped me not at all when
I needed it.  How can a man simple as I protect the King and Queen.  I can
no longer hold this position.  I must resign from my role as Royal
Protector and Head of the Royal Guard, I am unfit for the honor.  Perhaps
Archimedes will not view me with too much disgust.  I am loyal, and if
need be I will die for him, but I will not put him or his wife at risk
with my bumbling efforts.  Kaedric -- I worry for him.  I think he worries
too much.  One lives and then dies, that is the way of the universe, yet
he seems always to have much on his mind.  Why is that? I have met nothing
but unhappy people since moving to Amber.  My family, the most powerful
beings in the universe and they are all unhappy.  I believe I will take
Mua'dib and go to Ixaxis.  How long will it take to learn sorcery?

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