Allah forgive.  I killed my father.  Delwin was possessing another
man's body, a great sin in itself, yet I killed my father in cold blood. 
I chopped off his head, well, really Brand's.  The murder, for that is
what it was, was done in cold blood.  I have dishonored myself, and my
family.  Although most of my family is dead, I can feel their disapproval. 
But, I had to kill him, I mean them, Delwin was insane and was attempting
to destroy the universe.  According to the King, Brand is just as bad a
man as Delwin.  So I did a service to Amber today, but I killed Sandr and
Melanie's father.  I wonder how Sandr feels about that...I mean I killed
his father.  I bet Melanie doesn't care, she seems to be as clued in on
how bad her father was.  Of course, Fiona says that Brand's mind is stuck
in that Taormin thing.  That should mean something to Sandr.  I just
killed the body of his father.  Brand is still alive.  I hope everyone
remembers that...


	I have found him, He-who-is-wind, I got the name from Sky.  She is
such a good archer...of course, Benedict has shown us all quite a few
tricks to warfare that I never thought of.  But anyway, I have found the
perfect where horses run free across more land than I have
ever seen.  They are unbelievably fast, then again, if I had one of those
reptile things chasing me...I'd run too.  I think I need a better name for
him...  Maybe I should call him, she might get mad..., just as long as the way Sky's people name things...  Maybe
Silver...after the star on his forehead...  Nah...that would be dumb...  I
know, Eras...that book I read in the library...something about some chaos
god from Greece...  Maybe I should go to Greece sometime...  I will name
him Eras...unless he has his own...

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