I woke up, and I couldn't decide if I was exhausted or totally
invigorated.  I looked over the edge of the bed, and saw our things
splayed about as if a small hurricane had been through.  Not that I'm
complaining, of course.  A quick look to my right showed a sleeping
Merlin, chest rising and falling.  I touched his shoulder, and he
startled, yelping out.  "Sorry," I whispered.  He smiled, and we continued
where we had started last night...

	After showering (and I *must* get used to this sharing the shower
concept) and discussing each other's plans, Merlin Logrused out for
breakfast, and we agreed to meet up again later that day.  I made myself
presentable and went to my office, where Orrin sat, feet propped on my
desk.  I've given up on admonishing him for such things, and have written
his attitude off to Osric.  No wonder Benedict killed him.  He ended up
finding another key for me, and so I forgave his remarks about the sounds
coming from my room last night.

	I thought Fiona might want to know that her prediction about
Benedict's condition came true, so I Trumped to her and we discussed this
thing, amongst other topics.  Chaos politics being among them, I told her
of my duties and such, and then again we discussed my child.  I seriously
think she wants me to name it Fiona.

	Later that day, I was Trumped by Archimedes.  Seems as if someone
has gotten it in their heads to kidnap his wife again, and I, owing him
greatly, went to Foil to help him, along with Claudio.  We determined we'd
need a shapeshifter to turn us into na siogai, and I recalled my mother's
abilities, and thus called her in.  Aelle offered to help, and shifted us
into the appropriate shapes.  I sent my weapons to my father to hold, but
he then insisted on knowing what was up, and then joining us, even with
Aelle there.  She seemed to have fun shifting his appearance.  I just
hoped they wouldn't kill each other.

	After some wrangling, we were successful that day in freeing
Beauty and Laughter.  Benedict took Aelle aside to "talk."  I hope I don't
lose one of them from all this.  It was beyond my power to intervene,
though, and I Trumped to Merlin, telling him of my day.  I saw that he was
working on Ghostwheel again, and I briefly worried about the consequences
of that, before we ended the day much as we had started it.

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