I awoke to various friends and relatives standing over me, as well
as strangers.  In any case, I've sworn off alcohol during my pregnancy,
which hasn't been bothering me as of late.  But shapeshifting, drink, and
my condition don't mix well.

	Merlin's brow was raised, and I had to dance around the issue of
my child.  It did not seem to phase him too much, and, as per Melanie's
instruction, he watched over me that night, escorting me to my chambers. 
I had always been an action first, talk later, kind of person, but I find
myself enjoying flirting with him, especially when I catch him unawares,
as I did the first time he tried to kiss me.  While I know the chances of
him convincing Benedict are slim, I can enjoy our interaction short of
what is forbidden.

	The time for revelry was over, of course, when we made our assault
on Halybardways.  With the support of the Logrus masters Swayvill lent me,
as well as Claudio, Merlin, Archimedes, and Orrin, I thought we had a
fighting chance.  Little did I know we'd be up against Finndo, as well.  I
asked Archimedes about the previous encounter with Finndo, and it was a
sad tale.  We would be more challenged than I thought.

	We made our way through the barriers and the forces that
confronted us.  Orrin's brothers opposed us and fell, while we had a few
casualties of our own.  Claudio was burnt to a crisp, and Archimedes
suffered incredible wounds, but both survived.  We were all kept busy in
the final assault, but I kept focused on Cymnea.  When the final magical
walls were removed, I rushed up the dais.  She was concentrating on a

	Everything moved in slow motion, blood pounding in my ears.  I
unleashed Nevermiss from my left hand, praying she was worthy of her name,
and hoping I'd thrown her right...

	I carved the head from Cymnea's body before the flames could
overtake her, and Orrin immediately began to arrange the transference of
power.  Finndo Trumped away, and will probably remain to be a thorn in my
side.  Orrin and his brother Crispin have bowed to me.  There exists
Maron, whom I did not know in the past.  The most curious aspect of this
all, of course, was that Cymnea was trying to Trump Swayvill.  And little
did I know that the King of Chaos was with me all the time, disguised as
one of the Logrus masters.  Why he would take his own life in his hands is
beyond me.  Perhaps his hatred for Cymnea was that great?

	So I sit here now, Head of House Halybard, Priestess of the
Serpent, and ruler of the demon underworld.  In time, I think I will come
to know what all these things mean.  And I also must talk to both my
mother and father, to let them know of my success.

	And Merlin, of course.

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