And so I dealt the cards, and pondered the meanings.

	And what I read didn't make much sense.  Those from the future in
my past?  Strange.  I drew Brand, a man I'd only seen possessed by Delwin. 
I drew the cards of Ulysses, Aleksandr, Merlin, and the King of Chaos.  I
couldn't make much sense of the reading.  Perhaps the time displacement? 
Or maybe there's no validity to these things working.

	So I took it upon myself to know my mother again, and to rescue
her from Chaos, when she appears in my quarters one night.  Seems that
those alive during Dworkin's "rewrite" have regained their memories.  I
remind her that Benedict is not privy to our info, and she's still not
crazy about meeting up with him again.

	I saw Benedict before this, and chatted with him again.  He is the
most difficult man to gauge, as he lets little trace of his emotion flow
on his face.  I promised to get a Trump of myself for him.  He stays in
Avalon because of the curse.  I can't think of anything else to say to
him.  I just can't.

	Aelle has persuaded me to return with her to Chaos, and to meet up
again with the Jezetti.  From the time I spent with them before their
destruction, they seemed honorable folk, and are my relatives.  As long as
Chaos is relatively safe, I will go.

	She wasn't there in the morning, and I grew worried.  I asked
Bleys for a Trump of myself earlier, to give to my father, and he agreed. 
I was able to reach Ulysses, eventually, who agreed to make one of Aelle
for me, having lost mine in Helene.  Eventually, before he could get it
done, I found Aelle in the armory, checking out weapons.  She asks if she
can get a Trump of me.  *sigh*  Better contact Ulysses again, at least he
doesn't leer anymore.

	I wonder what the day has in store?

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