Another eventful day in Amber, to say the least.

	The morning began with a lesson from my father on how to shift
Shadows.  We went to the stables to pick out horses.  At least, that was
my intention.  There were a rather large amount of unusual steeds there,
of virtually every size, shape, and color.  I chose a normal-looking
horse, while Benedict chose a more brightly-colored mount.  We rode off,
headed for Arden.

	Benedict told me that we were traveling to Avalon, and he gave me
the particulars on what that Shadow was like.  The object of
Shadow-shifting was to replace the elements of Amber with those of Avalon. 
This could be done by simply concentrating hard enough.

	I was a bit surprised by how quick I got the hang of it.  Father
seemed to be a bit surprised as well.  I continued to gradually shift when
Benedict came to an abrupt stop.  He said we needed to return to Amber
immediately.  Placing my hand in his, we Trumped back.

	There was a meeting in the chambers of the King.  To my
recollection, most of the people I know were there.  In any case, there
was a discussion about Brand, or someone named Delwin, when Melanie
brought someone into the room with magic.  For some reason, this
infuriated the King, and weapons were drawn.  Sandr commanded us all to
sit (a power word which I have learned myself), and most of us did.  This
kept blood from being spilt, but the King was still royally pissed (pardon
the pun).  He ordered Melanie, this other person, and Sandr to leave.  The
guys did, but Melanie wanted to know what was happening.  This enraged
Archimedes even more.  Apparently she's not welcome in Amber anymore. 
That's a shame -- she'd been nothing more than kind to me the few times
we'd spoken.

	After all this commotion, the real fun began.  Those of us
remaining (and Sandr did rejoin us, in rather a strange outfit) were asked
by the King to stop Brand, whose body was possessed by Delwin.  Benedict
was in, so I asked to go.  He seemed ambivalent, but nodded his approval.

	We made our way through caves with traps and creatures, rivers,
the walking dead... but our party was fully capable of handling it.  I
didn't see much action though...  just fought a few spiders and a dragon. 
My father, protecting me.  *sigh* I was impressed with the abilities of
the others.  Benedict is incomparable in battle.  Sandr flings fireballs
effortlessly.  Ulysses took a burst of lightning in the chest for a member
of our group.  I am glad to know these people.

	In any case, we reached Brand/Delwin.  He was already engaged in
battle with Melanie and Maron.  I tried to sneak around to his side, to
come up on him and disable him, but Claudio braved a direct approach and
beheaded him.  Sandr's reaction was painful to watch.  We returned to

	Exciting, you'd think.  But as the weeks and months have passed
here in Amber, I find myself bored.  Well, not bored, per se, but without
a sense of purpose.  I train with Benedict, Mok, and the others.  I study
under Benedict and on my own.  I explore Shadow.  I have an interest in
cartography.  But that's about it.

	I don't know.  I look on the horizon, and see a storm front off in
the distance.  One thing I've learned about Amber is that things change.

	Until the morning, then.

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