God damn it, Claudio!  What were you thinking?  You disobeyed a
direct order.  Why?  Mok had been in Amber how long?  A few minutes, you
said, or was it seconds?  And you wanted him to walk the Pattern?  In the
four years you were gone from Amber, did you forget about Sylvie
masquerading as Ulysses' daughter, and her ultimate betrayal of Amber to
Orrin?  Did you stop to think long enough to make sure Mok was who he said
he was before you happily escorted him to the Pattern room?  God damn it,

	Claudio had Trumped me for permission for Mok to walk the Pattern. 
I asked how long Mok had been in Amber, being confused as to why he was
there in the first place.  After Claudio's answer, I told him I didn't
want Mok to walk the Pattern, and told him that I expected them both in my
quarters shortly.  Then the bastard cuts me off in the middle of my next
sentence.  Damn it, Claudio!

	I went immediately to Fiona for assistance.  Although she seemed
to have recovered from running into Mandor at lunch, she wasn't inclined
to use magic to get Claudio and Mok out of the Pattern room for me.  I
talked her into sending me down there, instead, as I had a feeling Claudio
had no intention of showing up in my quarters in any time that would
qualify as 'shortly.' I had Fiona teleport me right in front of Claudio,
and I punched him squarely in the nose.  Now, don't be too concerned for
Claudio's well-being.  My punch should have barely gotten his attention.
It should have gotten a lot more attention than it actually did, however,
as Claudio continued to have the gall to ignore me.

	That, unfortunately, really pissed me off.  Not only did he ignore
my order, in front of Mok, but he continued to instruct Mok on how to walk
the Pattern.  Claudio, you idiot, there was a place and time when I would
have killed you where you stood, regardless of whether you were my
grandson-in-law or not.  As it was, I felt the anger taking complete
control.  I drew Song and began to smack him soundly about the head. 
Claudio still ignored me!  Unbelievable!  He did, however, go demon form,
which drew a quick exit from Mok.  With his audience absent, Claudio
finally turned his attention to me, and started chanting.  Either he was
going to cast a spell on me, or he was going to leave.  Either way, I was
going to have none of it.  I drew Song across his voice box, neatly ending
the spell.

	Claudio wouldn't fight me, and I wouldn't kill him, so when he
turned to leave I let him.  I Trumped Sky and warned her of her imminent
widowhood, unless Claudio could explain himself.  Perhaps that was a bit
harsh, but I was still terribly angry.  I also Trumped Benedict and gave
him a quick run down, explaining that both Claudio and Mok were both
currently on the loose.

	I sheathed Song then, and began the long climb up from the Pattern
room, figuring I needed the extra time to calm down.  It didn't quite
work.  I was still pissed when I reached the top of the stairs and ran
into Benedict.  I explained to him what had happened in greater detail
than I had before, and that Claudio's behavior was more than a little
suspicious.  I then made my way to the practice room to burn off the rest
of my anger.

	At three a.m. the next morning, I finally felt like I could sleep. 
Laughter seemed a little surprised, but I wasn't in the mood to explain,
just then.  I told her I'd tell her the story in the morning, and made
sure to sleep late.

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