Laughter lies once again in my arms, healed in memory and much
farther along towards her time of confinement.  She handled the knowledge
of that rather well.  I expected at least one bruise (or many), but none
were forthcoming.

	I try to write this evening amidst many interruptions:  Mok
jabbering about a fire Pattern; Trump calls from a rather confused
Claudio; a rather interesting visit from my son, Balin; Laughter's foster
mother foretelling doom and gloom; Benedict introducing his daughter,
Caitlin; and finally Sandr.  He will be the last, as I have hung an
easy-to-read sign on the doorhandle and left Song there to punctuate it.

	I long now for a day of peace.

	And time to think.  There is the matter of my wife to deal with. 
Who would wish to place such a spell on her and why?  Is it related to
Caitt's prophecy:  "And this shall come to pass: the child of a half-breed
child shall be cursed to die, and with death shall open the Gates of Hell. 
The swordsman with the living sword shall bring nations to their knees,
and the wizards of two magicks shall make one land where there were many. 
One land only shall hold dominion, and it shall be held by whosoever
drives the demons back to Hell."  This prophecy held true in Foil; can it
have power over Amber?  I had only one child in Ulysses' vision.  I know
nothing to do but wait and see and take what precautions I can.

	Then there is the story that came with Benedict's daughter,
Caitlin.  A wagon-sized load of raw explosive delivered on the fringe of
Amber's power; the note she brought in Jubal's handwriting, and with
Jubal's flute; his written meaning no more easy to ascertain than his
verbal.  Is this somehow connected with the Dalt-Brenner cabal?  Or has
someone new gained the stage?

	The success of Sand's cabal is also in Amber's best interest. 
Answers to that riddle were finally forthcoming and most satisfying. 
Ulysses is already aiding, and I have pledged my support as well.

	That discussion with Sandr was very disturbing.  He still is far
from being the master of his own mind, and I still see him as a walking
time bomb.  That Melanie aids him is of no comfort whatsoever.  I do not
know what water has passed between she and Ulysses, but I know that
Ulysses does not hate indiscriminately, nor without cause.  That Melanie
and Sandr are outside of his blessing leaves me with a great unease of
them both.

	I feel I have many hard decisions before me.

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