Niccolo dur Vertix, Chaos Ambassador to Amber

When he's in Chaos, Niccolo most often wears a human-seeming form. He is seven feet tall and painfully thin. Completely hairless, he has pointed ears, pale skin, red eyes (which glow, ever-so-slightly, in the dark), and slight fangs. He wears loose fitting garments of white with blue trim.

When he is away from Chaos, Niccolo has begun adopting a more normal form. He appears as a short man, 5'5" in height, with sandy hair, a sharp nose, and clear blue eyes. Strangely, he looks just a bit like a certain monarch we all know...

Although rarely seen, when circumstances require, Niccolo takes on a demon form which is his Chaos form taken to extreme. Over eight feet tall, thin, and heavily armored, but smooth and rounded, with no point or spikes except for long claws on each hand. When in this form, Niccolo moves with blinding speed.

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