Archimedes, Crown Prince of Amber

Archimedes is 5'9" tall and weighs about 168 lbs., with a slender but defined build. His Rebman heritage shows in his green-blonde hair and green-brown eyes. On his Trump, his eyes don't met yours, but gaze instead to the left of the card in narrowed intensity. His brows are thick and hover near to his eyes. He has the type of nose that looks as if it could handle being broken gracefully, his lips are full and of nearly equal size, and his chin has a slight dimple. He dresses in green and mostly brown, with the style adapted to whatever Shadow he happens to be in. His symbol is a couple of clown fish amid anemone tentacles.

Trump of 
young Archimedes Trump 
of Archimedes

"Ghosts and Shadows"
Archimedes' Diaries

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