Ehawee's Story

An accounting of the life of Ehawee, a Native American in the old west.

Chapter 1: Just an Ordinary Morning - "It is middle spring and the camp is busy."
Chapter 2: The Council of Elders - "Once she has finished removing the blood on her hand..."
Chapter 3: Consequences - "Kohana steps forward. He draws his skinning knife from his belt..."
Chapter 4: A New Dawn - "Ehawee is good to her word and drinks all of her broth."
Chapter 5: Transitions - "Feeling strong enough to ride, and impatient to try out her gift..."
Chapter 6: Sisterly Advice - "Ehawee goes in search of her sister-in-law."
Chapter 7: Farewells - "Kohana leads Ehawee back to his teepee, away from Magaskawee."
Chapter 8: The Sweat Lodge - "Ehawee's nerves have her well awake before dawn..."
Chapter 9: The First Vision - "Ehawee looks around in all directions..."
Chapter 10: The Second Vision - "Ehawee sees her body below her in the sweat lodge..."
Chapter 11: The Stone Lodge - "The guards at the gate take a ready position with their great spears..."
Chapter 12: The Wedding Night - "Ehawee starts, and finds herself back in the sweat lodge."
Chapter 13: The Calm Before the Storm - "Once Ehawee wakes up from her nap..."
Chapter 14: The War Party - "After a time, Ehawee begins trying make her skin harder..."
Chapter 15: Sneak Attack - "While Ehawee doesn't remember her dreams when she wakes the next morning..."
Chapter 16: Captured - "Ehawee wakes up to the sound of children crying..."
Chapter 17: Indecent Proposal - "Ehawee looks confused by the man's words..."
Chapter 18: Loss of Innocence - "Ehawee goes into the bedroom and shuts the door, holding back tears..."
Chapter 19: Prelude to a Massacre - "While she waits for the lieutenant to return..."
Chapter 20: The Price of Freedom - "Ehawee looks over at the lieutenant as she realizes just how many..."
Chapter 21: Stranger in the Dark - "Just to be safe, Ehawee decides to sneak back to the cabin..."
Chapter 22: Elek - "Deciding she'll never get a better chance, Ehawee clings to the wall..."
Chapter 23: Escape - "Once Ehawee is sure that Elek is clear of the camp..."

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