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An accounting of the travels of Melanie, Lady of House Chanicut, Countess of Stratford on Corinth, Viscountess of Skeltland, and Baroness of Mothsby

"The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe." -- H.L. Mencken

Part 1: The Awakening - "My last memory, before the darkness took me..."
Part 2: Cerridwen - "As I stepped out onto the balcony and approached the table..."
Part 3: Dinner and a Favor - "Cerridwen and I walked back into my bedroom..."
Part 4: Anyssa - "Cerridwen began the spell, and in due course, I joined in as well."
Part 5: Momus - "My first night's sleep in over a century passed uneventfully..."
Part 6: Ryan - "Towards the end of the week, we arrived on Shadow Earth..."
Part 7: Return to Chaos - "We finally arrived in the Courts of Chaos..."
Part 8: Family Matters - "It was not long at all before Sarah came to visit me..."
Part 9: Journey to Mellisondra - "Sarah and I left the study..."
Part 10: Meridian - "I watched the mirror Cerridwen had just stepped through..."
Part 11: The Magic Circle - "Cerridwen moved towards the mirror..."
Part 12: A Fatal Flaw - "Cerridwen and I continued to talk as we walked...."
Part 13: Selena - "After watching Ryan successfully complete the Circle..."
Part 14: Revelations - "The three of us returned to the Tir with no further interruptions..."
Part 15: A Simple Plan - "The rest of our journey back to Chaos was uneventful..."
Part 16: Eliminating Bleys - "My peaceful interlude came to an abrupt halt..."
Part 17: Brand - "The aftermath of the fight was fairly uneventful."
Part 18: The Other Shoe Drops - "I pondered the dilemma of how to deal with Father..."
Part 19: A Matter of Power - "Upon my return to Sarah's manor house in Skeltland..."
Part 20: Tea with Momus - "The next day was a beautiful one for Skeltland..."
Part 21: A Little Investigation - "My composure restored, I decided to more closely examine..."
Part 22: Brand's Sanctuary - "Momus arrived promptly after lunch the next day..."
Part 23: A Grisly Discovery - "We continued on our way, passing through the hallway..."
Part 24: The Spindle - "Returning to the ground floor, my eye was caught by a spiral staircase..."
Part 25: A Gift for Lord Jesby - "Blethius vanished once we reached the top of the stairs..."
Part 26: An Imperial Summons - "Once Momus had departed, I wasted little time..."
Part 27: Lenore - "After returning home from Sawallways, I decided to contact Sarah."
Part 28: The Nature of Time - "I immediately set about arranging a nanny for the child..."
Part 29: An Offer of Assistance - "I focused on Cerridwen's image in my mind..."
Part 30: Getting Up to Speed - "We appeared by the side of the road leading up to the keep..."
Part 31: In Search of Ygg - "Thinking back on Cerridwen's warning..."
Part 32: Blethius - "After ensuring that my defensive spells were still properly in place..."
Part 33: An Error In Judgment - "The next several days passed rather quickly for me."

"Failures are divided into two classes: Those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought." -- John Charles Salak

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