Event Calendar

1. At least two solo performances by undergraduate students, and three by graduate students during a studio performance class. Appropriate accompaniment should be included. An Octubafest solo, duet, or other chamber performance will count as one studio class performance.

2. Performance of an individually chosen movement(s) from a Bach Cello Suite during the designated studio class(es).

3. Satisfaction of the scale requirements during any lesson chosen by each individual student

4. Satisfaction of jury requirement during finals week; generally, juries are required for second semester freshmen, second semester sophomores, students in the semester before a recital, and those in their final semester of study. Graduate students are required to perform a jury every semester, except those in which a degree recital is performed.

5. Five listening assignments must be completed with a sheet filled out for each one. It is expected that the listening assignment should involve critical examination and review of "Art" music. While examining music from popular genres can be of great benefit, it remains beyond the scope of this assignment.

6. A paper on a topic of each student's choice is required. Consult the projects page for further information.

7. Required recital attendance: In general, any euphonium or tuba recital on campus is required, as are wind faculty recitals. Attendance at large ensemble concerts, faculty and guest recitals by a variety of instrumentalists/singers are encouraged as individuals' schedules permit. Absences for any reason must be cleared with Professor Kaenzig well in advance. More than one unexcused absence will result in the final semester grade being lowered by 1/2 a letter for each absence.