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The Listening Forms are available online as a Microsoft Word Document or PDF. It can be downloaded, edited, and printed, or simply printed from a web browser and then filled out by hand.

Paper Topics

1. Find an article in the TUBA Journal dealing with one aspect of your performance goals for the semester and discuss how the information might be used to improve your performance. This could include everything from articles on specific repertoire planned to general material concerning performance anxiety or better respiration in performance.

2. Discuss the content and design of several journals related to instrumental performance outside of the TUBA Journal. Suggestions for your discussion: How does the content and/or design of each journal differ from the TUBA Journal? Discuss the nature/history of the group sponsoring the journal?

3. Compare and contrast the musical/stylistic interpretations of two or more different recordings of the same piece. This should not merely be a discussion of varied recording techniques, or microphone placements. Address musical or interpretive issues.

4. Assess the value of a "well-rounded" education as it relates to growth and improvement as a performing musician. Discuss the relevance of courses in sight-singing and ear-training, music theory, music education, poetry, literature, art, including other "non-artistic" subjects.

5. Provide a literary narrative of one piece that you are working on in lessons. Discuss the relationship between the accompaniment and the solo part. Provide general musical details, for example: general cadence areas, texture changes, places where imitation occurs, movement relationships, key areas, mode changes, contour of most of the melodic lines (disjunct, or conjunct intervals), predominant harmonies present, etc.

6. Discuss the similarities and differences between at least one orchestral recording and at least one band recording of the same piece. What differences and similarities are there between the role of your instrument in each, and/or what instruments are primarily copied in the band transcription(s) in writing for your instrument.

7. Discuss research on performance-related subjects like performance anxiety or performance injuries.