Corey Everlove

I am a PhD candidate in the Mathematics Department at the University of Michigan. My advisor is Jeffrey C. Lagarias.

I graduated from New York University in December 2010.


My research interests include analytic number theory, complex analysis, and modular forms. I'm also interested in algebraic number theory and in the relations between knot theory and number theory.


At the University of Michigan:

Fall 2015Math 115
Summer 2015M-Sci Math
Summer 2014M-Sci Math
Winter 2014Math 116
Fall 2013Math 115 course co-coordinator
Summer 2013M-Bio Math
Winter 2013Math 116
Fall 2012Math 115
Winter 2012Math 116
Fall 2011Math 115


I am the organizer for the Student Arithmetic Seminar. This semester, the seminar meets Mondays at 1:00 in room 1866.
Schedule of upcoming talks