Our New God Father
[spontaneous writing by Rachel Rabkin 23 March 1983 (aged 7 yrs 8 mos)]

     Once there was a little little farm. No one lived there except one old man he had just broken up with his wife. His wife got everything they had, she got the house the car even ther children, his own flesh and blood. One snowy day a very lovely family were driving in their car and their car got stuck in the snow right by the old mans farm. The old man saw the family and helped them get thier car out of the snow. The mother of the family asked, "what is your name" the old man ansred, "my name is Louy." Then ever body started telling thier name. The mother's name was Elen, the Dauter's name was Carry, the brother's name was Brian. Louy told them all about him and his wife breaking up. Every body thought that was a very sad story they thought he should get re-married. after Louy and the family had lived with each other for about a year Ellen and Brian had two babies it was a boy and girl they named them after Louy they named the babies Louise & Louis. The family asked, "Louy if he would be thier God father" he said, "yes but if the babies wants a God mother I better get married. In about three years Louy was married to a lady named Heather. Boy was it a beaitiful family they made.