Evaluating Data

The Need for Review (By Oneself, Peers, or Other Trusted Reviewers)
  Mistaken information - Leonard Nimoy is not a vegetarian
  Deceptive information - Bill Gates is not the devil
  Outdated information - Today is not Feb 11, 1997
  The Web and UseNet - "Ask the man who owns one!"

1929 Packard 7 Passenger Dual Windshield Phaeton.
photo from http://www.classicar.com/museums/pate/pate.htm, accessed 12/25/99

Gresham's Law of Information requires:
Using search tools well - "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"
Using what you find - statistical manipulations
Evaluating sources -
     HealthWeb: university and federal government sponsorship
     WebMD: major health industry company sponsorship
     Vista Heights Health Services - Small enterprise sponsorship
     (AMA Web Site Guidelines)

diagram from William M.K. Trochim, Cornell University
http://trochim.human.cornell.edu/webeval/webeval.htm, accessed 12/25/99