Education in the Infosphere
Key Issues General Exhibits Genre Evolution Project Comments
Teaching v Research Eighteenth Century England Genre Evolution Project See GEP Database and Selected Research Results (including LSA Research Profile)
  Animal Diversity Web   Note Teaching | Resources for College Instructors (e.g., link to University of Arizona Tree of Life
  Selected Student Humanities InfoTech Coursework   See, for example, Anime and Manga and Electronic Music Resource, The Arthur Miller Project, and Anime and Manga. For syllabi, see English 415/516 and English 414 links on Eric Rabkin's Home Page
Student and Student-Faculty work in the Infosphere tends to allow and often to imply further development
Copyright Teach Copyright   If needed, obtain Copyright Assignment
Plagiarism MLA Presentation: How Networked Computing Erodes the Teaching-Research Distinction   Note section on Plagiarism
Collaboration Teach Collaboration Tools GEP Evolving common resources See Newcomer's Guide, Text Fields & Values, and Data Entry FAQ (including online data resources)
Logistics Symbolism Dictionary and Monstrosity exploration MSU sibling group In the digital infosphere, the calendar, the classroom, and even student status tend to erode...
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