Learning, Teaching, and Using FLASH for Composition and Collaboration

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This half-day workshop, led by Eric Rabkin, considers the learning effects of estranging communication technology and offers training, with new online materials, in using Flash to communicate and collaborate. Flash enables all web media options, such as text, graphics, sound, animation, hyperlinking, and interactivity. There is no workshop prerequisite. All participants will produce their own Flash documents.

Technology and the Humanities
A syllabus for a course that teaches Flash both to exemplify the estrangement of technology and to enable students to present their individual and group projects. This syllabus contains links to the other resources listed here.
Collaboration tools
A web page used in teaching groups how to collaborate.
Flash, Introduction to
A web page for teaching Flash. This includes links to live design examples and sample code for creating those examples. Working with these examples will occupy most of the workshop.
Selected Student Humanities InfoTech Coursework
A web portal for work done by students in the Technology and the Humanities course.
The workshop will begin with a brief discussion of the positive pedagogic potential of estranging technologies, move on to an overview of a lab course called Technology and the Humanities in which Flash is a central technology for the students to master and use, and proceed to discussing and then using the online materials designed for teaching and learning Flash.