Tahquamenon Falls - July 27, 2008

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A dead tree that's been taken over by woodland creatures

Russ and Brad on the old growth trail

Russ thought a "Where's Brad?" picture a la "Where's Waldo?" would be fun. It sort of works.

I take a picture looking over Russ taking a picture looking over Brad looking over the fence at the falls

Tahquamenon Falls

A closer look at the Upper Falls

A more spread out look at the Upper Falls

Brad and Russ read the plaque

The water is brown from Hemlock tannins

Looking right over the falls

Looking down the falls

Down the river

Up the river, right before the falls

Me, Russ, and Brad

Me, Russ, and Brad... again


Down the river we go...

The Lower Falls

The southern half of the lower falls

The northern half of the lower falls

The southern lower falls again

The northern lower falls -- we walked over to that viewing platform

The view from the viewing platform

We were misted from the rushing waters

A wet rock at the bottom of the falls

Looking over at the people who canoed to the island

Another view of the island

Looking back at another drop

Another rock

More of the people on the island