San Diego Zoo

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A macaw at the entrance to the bus tour

Not a real hippo, but yes a real crane sitting on him

Two spectacled bears

A bactrian camel nibbles at a tree

Two camels... two humps each

The "sausage tree"

Giraffes feeding

A young giraffe


An mother anteater with baby on her back

Capybara: the world's largest rodent!

A koala sleeping in the midday sun

A wallaby

It's feeding time

Indian elephants on the left, African on the right

Bai Yun the female panda

Bai Yun wonders when it will be her time for feeding

Bai Yun walks around

This mother Allen's Swamp Monkey seems embarrassed as her child feeds in view of everyone

The okapi is hungry

The okapi makes a face at me

Some kind of brown bird in the aviary

Fish swim around a hippo who's gone for a dive

Gorillas - who's really on display here?

One gorilla eats while his friend sleeps

Two little birds

The orangutan clings to his rope

Just monkeying around

A meerkat out for a walk

Sometimes the zookeepers take some of the animals, like this meerkat, for a walk