California Dreamin'

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Damn it's windy when the top is down and you're cruising across the bridge!

Adorable Laura

Stopped in Sausalito because... um... why again?

Oh, ice cream

Mmmm.... blueberry cheesecake

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Driving through the hills

Brown milk for a brown man

Sonoma County

NASCAR fans!

Laura photographs the NASCAR folks

Amal and I

Cool kids in the back seat

Still cool... still in the back

Martine photographs Amal's Poseidon pose

Amal is Poseidon

Amal flashes the 2-W gang sign

Amal knows he doesn't measure up to the god of the sea

One of the boys camera took a better picture of this


Amal ruins a perfectly nice picture

Did I mention that there are technically only two seats back there?

Eating dinner at the airport... I'm sure we weren't breaking any laws

Biplane rides anyone?

The pilot's wife and some planes

Da plane boss, da plane!

Do you think I'd go on vacation and not photograph the ballpark?