Bay Mills Pow Wow

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The Friday night crowd

The flags

The Bay behind the ballfield

Some of the vendors

The hand drum competition

The informal two-step competition on Friday night

The flags blow in the wind

"Honoring Our Veterans"

Saturday: the real competition begins

Whitetail Creek drums during a circle dance

Some junior shawl dancers

More drumming

Women are not allowed to touch the drum

The veterans dance

I liked the peace sign/American flag design on his feathers

A little girl wants to participate

The junior girls jingle dancers

The junior girls jingle champion (I think)

This fancy shawl dance picture would have been great if not for the tent pole

Junior Fancy Shawl dancers

One of the drum groups (Ice wolf, maybe?)

Junior boys grass dancers

A junior boys fancy dancer

One of the golden agers

Another golden ager

The golden agers: "Over 200 years of dance experience"

Adult grass dancers

More grass dancers

A veterans dance

Some of the junior boys look on as the veterans dance by