Woodson Mountain Hike

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Anand walks through the "forest of antenna"


The "potato chip" rock

Ramona Reservoir

Me and the potato chip

Anand takes a series of pictures...

... of me...

... awkwardly scrambling back to the trail...

... so I punch him in retaliation

Anand photographs the potato chip

The mountainside

A lizard

The potato chip from below


Creepy burned out trees

Anand skips along

This rock looks like George Washington

Anand and the face rock

Another "easter egg" rock

It's like cloud watching... but with boulders

This was supposed to be a sign...

A cairn

Turkey vultures

A ranch... also, spot the turkey vultures

The vultures come in to land... I thought for awhile that these might be California Condors, but they probably weren't

Vultures on a rock

Southern California Manroot

Anand photographs the manroot

A tree split down the middle

Back at the bottom looking up