Lake Superior Provincial Park

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By the shores of Gitche Gumme

By the shining Big Sea Water

A long stretch of beach -- I waited here for the visitors center to open so that I could buy a park pass

An island and Agawa Rock off in the distance

Looking down the beach in the other direction

Part of the (short) hike to Agawa Rock

A large boulder wedged between two cliffs on the way to Agawa Rock

The same boulder close up

This is pretty much the same picture

The path to Agawa

A close up of the island that was visible from the earlier beach pictures

A smaller uninhabited island

Agawa Rock -- it's slippery! I walked out there to see the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) pictographs.

Pictographs of a fish and a sea serpent. The visible pictographs are thought to be up to 400 years old, although the rock has been in Anishinaabe lore much longer

Another view of the cliff face I was on

A close up the Misshepezhieu pictograph - the Anishinaabe "spirit of the water"

An angled view of Misshepezhieu, a canoe and two serpents below

A deer or elk, four circles and a canoe - some of the pictographs are thought to be results of Vision Quests.

A close up of the deer

The end of the cliff (where I did not walk, for fear of being knocked off by a wave)

The islands

A fellow hiker and a view looking back at the trail

On the guide, this pictograph is labeled "two figures in a canoe" but it looks like an arrowhead to me

Another shot of the "two figures"

The large Misshepezhieu pictograph again

A more "straight on" shot, which was hard to do, given that I couldn't back up too far

Misshepezhieu with my hand (for scale purposes - I am not touching the pictograph!)

The serpent below Misshepezhieu's tail

The other serpent below Misshepezhieu

A canoe

Looking up the cliff face -- I remember being able to make out some faint pictographs when I was there, but I can't see them in the picture

These circles weren't in the guide, but the guide mentioned that at one point over 400 pictographs were documented, many of which have faded away, so these might be some of those