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Curling Open House

Heading into the curling club

The open house in full swing as we arrived

Adam looks unsure of how this is going to work

Callie and Scott are ready to sweep

Adam throws a stone

I'm a natural... sort of

Karly sets up in the hack as Jeff takes a picture in the background

Matt and Johnny sweep HARRRRRRRD

Scott and Callie hurry hard

I set up in the hack

Adam and I learn how to sweep as Callie prepares to throw

Scott throws, Adam and I sweep while Karly and Jeff discuss strategy on the neighboring sheet

Just because I sweep on the ice does not mean I'm going to sweep my room

Callie on the teflon "slider"

Blurry ice

Callie sets up in the hack

Adam and I prepare to sweep

Hurry! Hard!

Callie and Scott flex those broom muscles

Jeff sweeps his way down the sheet

Scott blurrily throws the stone