Antietam National Battlefield -- July 20, 2006

Cannons in front of the Roulette Farm
Dunker Church, the center of the battlefield
The park ranger tells us about the battle
Memorial for the New York Volunteer Infantry
Monument to... someone
Me at the battlefield
1857 Model 12-pounder Howitzer
More cannons... they could launch over a mile
Memorial to a commander who appears to be conducting
The Miller Cornfield
More corn... the bulk of the fighting happened here
The Poffenberger farm
The Miller cornfield
Some flowers in the corn
Look closely ... a groundhog
The same groundhog
A closer shot of my buddy the groundhog
Cows at the Poffenberger farm
More cows
I like cows, okay?
Close up of some corn
There was a lot of corn
The East Woods
Memorial for the 50th Pennsylvania Regiment
The simplicity of this monument said more to me than the giant concrete ones... the inscription reads "A Hot Place"
More memorials and my car
Cannons along Cornfield Avenue
A zigzag fence
Doesn't Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. look a little like dalexand?
My locked car with the keys in it is hiding along that road... note that I am not in it
A zigzag fence along the Sunken Road (aka Bloody Lane)
Burnside Bridge, named for General Burnside of the Union forces
Troops from Georgia kept Burnside from getting across
Burnside is the originator of sideburns
Imagine trying to get an army across that bridge
A slightly phallic looking monument for the 21st Massachusetts Volunteers
This is the "best known landmark" of the battlefield
Antietam Creek as seen from the Burnside Bridge