Agawa Canyon Tour Train

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The most common site along the rails... trees!

A kid across the way from my seat looks out at Lower Island Lake

Trees zooming by

As the tracks curve, I could make out the engine from the window

Morning mist over the forest and Highway 17

More trees

Lots of trees

A few houses along the road

Splitting away from Highway 17

A clear blue sky

Flash on the window!

A random yard we traveled by

The fog rises from the trees

Searchmont -- the last town on our trip

The fog rolls out of the mountains

The Searchmont skiing area

More Searchmont

The Goulais River -- pronounced 'Goo-ley

Birch trees

A mountain

White pines

Goulais River dots the countryside

The Goulais River winds its way

The Goulais River and some window reflections

More of the river

The Goulais Valley

The train tracks as we speed on by

Tracks and trees

Little Atchigan Lake

Atchigan Lake

Again, Atchigan

Another view of the lake

More lake