Mailing address: 2013 Huron Pkwy, #8, Ann Arbor, MI
48104, USA


I am Liza, 5-th year graduate student at the University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics. My advisor is Roman Vershynin.

I received my specialist degree (B.S.+M.S. equivalent) in Mathematics at Moscow State University under supervision of Professor Vladimir Bogachev in 2012.

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I like using high-dimensional probability, geometric analysis and machine learning to study some interesting properties of random matrices, as well as other instances of large high-dimensional data.

My PhD research is concentrated around non-asymptotic random matrix theory.

I like studying spectral structure of large, but finite random matrices. One of the challenging cases is when matrix entries distributions are heavy-tailed (comparing to the standard gaussian case). We have investigated typical norm of inverse of such matrices:

Coverings of random ellipsoids, and invertibility of matrices with i.i.d. heavy-tailed entries (with K.Tikhomirov)
Israel J. Math., to appear. arXiv:1508.06690

and regularization properties of their operator norms:

Norms of random matrices: local and global problems (with R.Vershynin)
Advances in Mathematics, Vol. 324 (2018), pp 40–83. arXiv:1608.06953

Applied research: in Summer 2017 I worked as an intern at Scalable Solvers Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Investigated machine learning applications of STRUMPACK linear solver. A conference paper is submitted.

More information:

  • Slides from an informal final presentation within the research team.
  • Final report (technical part) for NSF (who sponsored my internship).

Undergraduate research: I was studying functions of bounded variation on infinite dimensional spaces for my masters thesis at Moscow State University. I considered several classes of functions (bounded variation and bounded semivariation), investigated their properties and compared them. Related publication:

Functions of bounded variation on infinite-dimensional spaces with measures (with V.Bogachev)
Doklady Mathematics (Doklady Akademii Nauk), 87(2), 03/2013. Springerlink

Classes of functions of bounded variation on infinite-dimensional domains (with V.I. Bogachev and A.Y. Pilipenko)
Doklady Mathematics (Doklady Akademii Nauk), 88(1) (2013) 391--395 SpringerLink

Talks and presentations

Please see the Talks page for (almost) complete list of my public presentations, usually with abstracts and sometimes with relevant slides.

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I do not teach this semester.

Earlier at UofMichigan I worked as primary instructor for Math 115 (Calculus 1); led Matlab labs and problem solving recitations for Math 216 (Differential Equations) and was a TA for Math 623 (Computational Finance).

Back in Moscow, I worked as a calculus instructor for high school students at 57-th math school (2008-2012) and as an algebra teacher at Kolmogorov math and physics high school (2012-2013).

Random likes

In addition to doing research and explaining math, I enjoy coding and playing with data. Back in Moscow, I completed two year CS program in Yandex Data Analysis school, and it was such a great time. Nowadays I infrequently participate in online contests alone or with friends.

My other interests include all that I find beautiful or challenging. For example, music, art, cats, cities, mountains, puzzles... Finally, I love talking to people, sharing experiences and drinking coffee - dark roast preferrable.

“Poirot,” I said. “I have been thinking.”
“An admirable exercise my friend. Continue it.”
(Agatha Christie, Peril at End House)