Strategic Adaptive Vehicle Systems Feasibility Study

Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Vibration Effects on Human Body

Complex Bio-Nano-Dynamics of Axonal Transport

Non-Linear Dynamics in Artificial Neuronal Circuits

Magnetic Field Effects on Model Organisms Locomotion Control and Mechanics

Multi-physics of Motor Proteins

Dynamics of Offshore Wind Turbine

Control Enabling Solutions with Ultrathin Strain and Temperature Sensor System

Reduced Order Modeling of Blisks with Dry Friction Ring Damper

Forecasting Bifurcations of Systems Subject to Parametric Excitation

Anticipating Bifurcations for Complex Nonlinear Systems

Advanced Models for Fatigue Life Predictions of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries

Developing Detection Methods for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Reduced Order Model (ROM) Development for Blisks with Non-Linear Dynamics

Reduced-Order Modeling of Frictionally Damped Blisks

An Integrated Mode-Accelerated X-Xr (MAX) Method for Complex Structures

Multi-Physics Models of Electro-Magnetic Structural Systems

An Adaptive Contact Surface Calculation for Bi-Linear Reduced-Order Modeling

Nonlinear and Parametric Reduced Order Models

Modeling and Identification of Mistuning in Bladed Disks

Aeroelasticity of Turbine Engine Rotors

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