Applied Nonlinear Dynamics of Multi-Scale Systems Lab

Lab Director: Prof. Bogdan I. Epureanu

Interrogation, Forecasting and Modeling of Structures and Multi-Physical/Multi-Scale Systems

Our research group is located in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. We focus on biological and epidemiological systems, aerospace and automotive structures, and turbomachinery. Examples include creating novel mechano-chemical dynamic models of nanoscale intracellular transport processes, developing the next generation of highly-sensitive diagnosis and monitoring techniques, discovering novel methods for forecasting tipping points in complex systems such as disease epidemics and ecological systems, developing innovative reduced order models of multi-physics systems such as Li-ion batteries and complex structures, creating advanced system identification and control methodologies for smart structures and fluid-structural systems. We blend novel methods and theory with fundamental experiments in linear and nonlinear dynamics from macro to nano-scale.

University of Michigan
College of Engineering