home page for Edward Vielmetti, ~emv

This is a old home page (started 1/1/1999) and project page, updated a bit because I'm waiting to get into tilde.club.

If you want to look at an earlier effort see coast.net.  It's the home of the Tofu Turkey! But it's offline.

Much more recent stuff is on my blog called Vacuum which runs on Typepad.


I'm working on some projects where it's been handy to take notes on a web page.

I run a2b3, a lunch group which meets weekly on Thursdays at an Ann Arbor restaurant. See Meetup for the next time.

My old mailing list is Vacuum, which is still just barely alive and running for about 150 people.

Some effort has been made to make things tidy and neat, but please don't read this page as an example of how to design beautiful web pages.

I have work underway for maps and links to interesting university research.

A now-defunct occasional newsletter called Tubed reported on the Kobe Earthquake and Oklahoma Federal Building bombings and got me quoted in the New York Times once. Both are currently not available on line for various reasons.


Oct 10 2014. Six years since last edit, it needs a refresh.
Feb 4 2008. Once a decade, whether it needs it or not.
Jan 1 1999. Tidy and remove excess words.
June 28 1998.  Gave up all pretense of this thing ever looking good.  Work is going well enough that there's rarely time to hack web pages for the sake of doing it.
Feb 23 1998. Please note new work address below -- I have changed jobs and am now working for Cisco Systems in their corporate consulting department.


Reach me at home at emv@umich.edu.