Former Ph.D. students (and most current position)

Shahaboddin A. Beig, PhD (2018)
A computational study of the inertial collapse of gas bubbles near a rigid surface
Staff Associate, Continuum Dynamics Inc.

Marc T. Henry de Frahan, PhD (2016)
Numerical simulations of shock and rarefaction waves interacting with interfaces in compressible multiphase flows
Researcher III-Computational Science, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Philip Johnson, PhD (2019)
A Recovery-Assisted Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Direct Numerical Simulation of Compressible Turbulence
CFD Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Lauren Mancia, PhD (2020)
Numerical Investigations of Cavitation-Induced Tissue Damage
Medical Student, U-M

Pooya Movahed, PhD (2014)
High-fidelity numerical simulations of compressible turbulence and mixing generated by hydrodynamic instabilities
Computational Scientist, ExxonMobil

Seth Norberg, PhD (2015, co-advised by M. Kushner)
Modeling Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets: Plasma Dynamics, Interaction with Dielectric Surfaces, Liquid Layers and Cells
Assistant Professor, US Military Academy, West Point

Brandon Patterson, PhD (2017, co-advised by D. Dowling)
Application of computation in acoustics: Ultrasound bioeffects and underwater transmission loss uncertainty
Senior Engineer and Developer, Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins)

Mauro Rodriguez, PhD (2018)
Numerical simulations of bubble dynamics near viscoelastic media
Post-doctoral researcher, Caltech

Siddhesh Shinde, PhD (2018)
A computational study of flow over a wall-mounted cube using Large Eddy Simulations
Lead data scientist, Aptiv

Suyash Tandon, PhD (2020)
Large-Scale Simulations of Complex Turbulent Flows
MTS System Software Design Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Former MS thesis students (and following position)

Rui Fang (2012, co-advised by W. Schultz): PhD student at TU Munich
Fanchen He (2017): PhD student at UM
Suyash Tandon (2015, co-advised by K. Maki): PhD student at UM

Former MS students (and following position)

Maryam Akram: PhD student at UM (Aero)
Darian Bridges: Siemens PLM
Renaud Gaudron: PhD student at Ecole Centrale Paris, now at Imperial College London
Max Ho: ZS Associates, now at Facebook
Susmit Joshi: PhD student at Virginia Tech
Ashwin Kannan Iyengar: ArcelorMittal Global R&D
Aditya Nair: PhD student at FSU, now at U. Washington
Shaowu Pan: PhD student at UM (Aero)
Anusarn Sangnimnuan: PhD student at Texas A&M
Sreenivas Varadan: Srivin
Anil Yildirim: PhD student at UM (Aero)

Former undergraduate researchers (and following position)

Carlos Barajas (ME): PhD student at MIT
Anna Brieland-Shoultz (ME): graduate student at UM
Nicole Bustos (ME, Carnegie Mellon U.): PhD student at MIT
Radhika Gurumurthy (ME): undergraduate at UM
Chengyun Hua (BS): PhD student at Caltech, now at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Colin Holmes (Math): undergraduate student at UM
Benjamin Hubbard (ME): AW Technical Center
Sriram Sivakumar (ME): Cummins Inc., now graduate student at University College London
Sheng Wang (ME): PhD student at Cornell
Matt Warnez (Eng. Phys.): MS student at U. St Thomas

Former medical students (and following position)

Nyousha Yousefi: MD student at UM

Former post-docs (and following position)

Bahman Aboulhasanzadeh: U. Florida