Computational Quantum Many-Body Physics Group

We are the computational condensed matter physics group at the Physics department of the University of Michigan. We are part of the theoretical Condensed matter physics group at U of M, along with the groups of Kai Sun and Xiaoming Mao.
We work on strongly correlated quantum systems, quantum Monte Carlo, numerical algorithms for strongly correlated many-body systems and quantum many-body theory.

Information about our research, our members, and openings for graduate students and postdocs. We have Graduate student and Postdoc openings for 2016 and beyond.


The 2014 group: From left to right: Andrey Antipov, Joe Paki, Qiaoyuan Dong, Xi Chen, Emanuel Gull, and James LeBlanc

Funding Provided by

Simons Collaboration on the Many-Electron Problem

US Department of Energy Early Career Award
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Sloan Foundation Sloan Research Fellow Oak Ridge ORAU Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award
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The Simons collaboration on the many-electron problem has now officially been launched. More information at the Simons foundation. See also the Simons Foundation Awardee Spotlight about our research group.

Recent Publications and Preprints (rarely up to date)

  • Superconducting Fluctuations in the Normal State of the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model,
    Xi Chen, J.P.F. LeBlanc,
    Emanuel Gull
    arXiv:1507.04475, accepted to PRL
  • opendf - an implementation of the dual fermion method for strongly correlated systems,
    Andrey E. Antipov, James P.F. LeBlanc, Emanuel Gull
    arXiv:1507.00895, in press
  • Mechanisms of finite temperature magnetism in the three-dimensional Hubbard model,
    Daniel Hirschmeier, Hartmut Hafermann,
    Emanuel Gull, Alexander I. Lichtenstein, Andrey E. Antipov
    Phys. Rev. B 92, 144409 (2015)
  • Continuous-time Quantum Monte Carlo using Worm Sampling ,
    Patrik Gunacker, Markus Wallerberger,
    Emanuel Gull, Andreas Hausoel, Giorgio Sangiovanni, Karsten Held
    Phys. Rev. B 92, 155102 (2015)
  • Solutions of the Two Dimensional Hubbard Model: Benchmarks and Results from a Wide Range of Numerical Algorithms,
    J. P. F. LeBlanc, Andrey E. Antipov, Federico Becca, Ireneusz W. Bulik, Garnet Kin-Lic Chan, Chia-Min Chung, Youjin Deng, Michel Ferrero, Thomas M. Henderson, Carlos A. Jiménez-Hoyos, E. Kozik, Xuan-Wen Liu, Andrew J. Millis, N. V. Prokof'ev, Mingpu Qin, Gustavo E. Scuseria, Hao Shi, B. V. Svistunov, Luca F. Tocchio, I. S. Tupitsyn, Steven R. White, Shiwei Zhang, Bo-Xiao Zheng, Zhenyue Zhu, Emanuel Gull
    Phys. Rev. X 5, 041041 (2015)
  • Quasiparticle Properties of the Superconducting State of the Two Dimensional Hubbard Model ,
    Emanuel Gull and Andrew J. Millis
    Phys. Rev. B 91, 085116 (2015)
  • Fluctuation diagnostics of the electron self-energy: Origin of the pseudogap physics ,
    O. Gunnarsson, T. Schäfer, J.P.F. LeBlanc,
    E. Gull, J. Merino, G. Sangiovanni, G. Rohringer, A. Toschi
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 236402 (2015)
  • Systematically improvable multi-scale solver for correlated electron systems,
    Alexei A. Kananenka,
    Emanuel Gull, Dominika Zgid
    Phys. Rev. B 91, 121111(R), 2015

Campus view

View of the campus diag from the library. Randall Lab is on the right.
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