Evan P. Economo,  Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows

Assistant Professor,  Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Michigan

I am a biologist with broad interests in the ecology and evolution of biodiversity.  I was born in Montreal and grew up in Virginia and North Carolina before pursuing undergraduate work at the University of Arizona and graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin.  Since 2009 I have been a postdoctoral fellow in the Michigan Society of Fellows, and a (non-tenure track) Assistant Professor here at the University of Michigan.  In the Winter term 2010 I taught General Ecology (BIO 281) here at UM, and in Fall 2011 I taught the Senior Capstone (BIO 410) and an Insect Ecology & Evolution graduate seminar.

I recently moved to Japan to lead the Biodiversity & Biocomplexity Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.  For more information on OIST, see recent articles in Nature (1, 2) and the Economist. 

Please visit my research page for more on what I am up to.  

           evaneconomo@gmail.com         12/2011