Travel Wisconsin


University of Michigan


UM site for Ann Arbor visitors

UM Museum of Art (great venue and great art)

Hathi Trust Digital Library (zillions of scanned out-of-print books)


Ann Arbor


Michigan Theatre (great old independent movie house)

Purple Rose Theatre (just next door in Chelsea )

The Ark (Local folk/blues/etc. music venue)

Overheard in A2 (Students say the darndest things …)

Café Zola (our favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor)

Zingerman’s (foodie heaven)

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Ann Arbor is Overrated (a dissenting view)

Pictures of old Ann Arbor

Gerald Ford Presidential Library

History of Ann Arbor (from the Ann Arbor District Library) 

Concentrate (local economic development news)

Ann Arbor Chronicle (on-line local newspaper)

Kempf House Museum (musical history in Ann Arbor)

The Ann (new local paper / website)

Motte and Bailey Books (our favorite used bookstore)\

A2 Modern (modern architecture in Ann Arbor)

Biercamp (artisinal sausage ... yum)

Satchel's (barbeque ... yum)


Michigan and Northern Ohio


Things to Do in Michigan

Henry Ford Museum

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Historical Society

Hitsville U.S.A.

Detroit Zoo

Toledo Museum of Art

Reynolds Farley’s Detroit History Page

Michigan History Magazine

Water-Winter Wonderland

Detroit Metro Restaurant Ratings

John King Used and Rare Books




Randy Barnett


Health and Safety


Dihydrogen Monoxide


Politics and Policy: Websites


Reason Magazine (where I was a summer intern in college)

Mark Steyn (sort of the P.J. O’Rourke of Canada, but he lives in New Hampshire)

The Memory Hole (Like the Smoking Gun, but serious)


Lysander Spooner

Vice Squad (Blog about vice – a mix of law, economics and politics)

Liberty Magazine

Reason papers (Academic journal filled with libertarian fun!)

Archive of Libertarian Review from the 70s and 80s (at CATO)

Kosmos Online (from the Institute for Humane Studies)


Politics and Policy: Weblogs


Instapundit (Is it possible to like a lawyer?)

Virginia Postrel (former reason editor who writes about fun stuff like design and glamour)

Wonkette (learn all the juicy gossip and become a beltway insider!)

Fly Bottle (Eclectic blog)

The Agitator (personal blog of Radley Balko, now at Reason)

James Lilek’s Bleat (good stuff and pop culture too!)


Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor (where I worked in high school)


Farrell’s USA

Roger Baker’s history of Farrell’s


Art and architecture


Art with Cans

Artchive (Lots and lots of art)

Design Museum (London)

Museum of Bad Art (Wonderful stuff)

Tate Modern (London)

Galinsky (Only if you like modern architecture)

Brick Structures (Create famous buildings with Legos)


Popular Culture


The Smoking Gun

Quisp (my favorite cereal when I was little)

What the Heck? (includes bizarre ebay offerings)

Internet Movie Database

Annals of Improbable Research

TV ads for presidential candidates (from 1952 to 2004 – very cool!)

Dress for Success

Manolo’s Shoe Blog (For those who love the shoes)

Viceland (Vice magazine – trendy stuff but not for the fainthearted)

Despair (Great posters)

Hair Archives

Kristy McNichol (My heartthrob when I was about 12)

Science Fiction Museum (In Seattle)

Traffic Cone Preservation Society (All of our culture is worth preserving …)

Paul Lynde (He was in the center square on Hollywood Squares before Whoopi!)

The Awful German Language (By Mark Twain)

Real Programmers Don’t Use Pascal (a famous computer science article)

Post Secret (Do you have a secret that you want to share?)

Pop versus Soda (Which word works where?)

Two Chinese Boys (Boy bands and licensed merchandise conquer the world)

Ebaum’s World (Humorous fun)

Need a Maze? (This site is a-mazing!)

Roadside America

Toilet Museum

Funny ads

Lego bible

Cloud Appreciation Society

Ad Critic

Stuff White People Like

American Dialect Society – Word of the Year Page

Obsolete Technology Webpage

Your Remember That (video clips from the past)

MTV Music (lots of free music videos)

Life Hacker

Retrojunk (old video clips and the like)

27b/6 (very funny indeed!)

Manka Brothers (movie studio parody)

People of Walmart (a bit mean and surely classist, but still oddly compelling)

Experience Project (truth is different than fiction)

Big Think (people thinking big thoughts)

Airport Carpets reveal their hidden knowledge

Who is that Girl in the Ad?

Map of Metal

Conelrad (all things Cold War)




NYT Adoption Blog




The Sokal hoax


Weblogs by Friends


Nina Turns 40 (Life blog by an old friend)

Max at MUH




Bookslut (Fun reviews) 

AbeBooks (Great source for used books)

Penguin Classics (Improve your mind)

Daedalus Books (Crack for bibliophiles)

World Digital Library




Mencken Society (Few writers make for more enjoyable reading than Mencken)




Uncle Bonsai (the folk group I have followed since college – great fun and Ashley is so cute)

Christine Lavin

Doctor Demento (another amusement of my wasted youth)

Laurie Anderson (way weird but way fun)




National Lampoon

Monty Python




Forgotten Detroit

Abandoned Shopping Malls

History of Disneyland

Lost Amusement Parks

London Underground

Civil War Resources (Includes scans of Harper's magazine from the era)

Artificial Owl (Modern ruins)

Opacity (Urban ruins)

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans







Canadian Content


Western Standard weblog


British Content


Spiked Online (Lovely, just lovely)


Wargames (one of the hobbies of my wasted youth)


Decision Games

Multiman Publishing (ASL and other old Avalon Hill games)

Strategy Page (what Jim Dunnigan does now that he is not a game designer)

Greg Costikyan (another old SPI game designer on to new things)

Board Game Geeks

A very simple game


Religion / Spirituality


Sacred texts archive

I'm Perfect, You're Doomed (blog from the author of the book of the same name)


Useful stuff



FlyerTalk (frequent flyer and travel discussion boards)

Foreign exchange rates

Charity Navigator (rates charities)

Screen savers

Way Back Machine

Price Grabber

Marriott Rewards Insider