ADARE (Administrative Data Research and Evaluation)

AFDC/TANF Effective Tax Rates and Guarantees from Ziliak (2006)

Cornell data archive

Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive


Economics blogs


Green Economics (Matt Kahn)

Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowan and Alex Tabbarok at George Mason)

Au Courant (Paul Courant’s blog on the joys of being Dean of Libraries at Michigan)

Grant McCracken’s Economics and Anthropology Blog

Brian McCall’s Economics of Education Blog

Aid Watch (William Easterly’s blog)


Economics sites


Economic Principals

Economics of Religion

Labor Economics Gateway (one-stop shopping … but they should learn how to spell “labor”)

Economics Journal Watch

Economists’ Voice

University of Washington Economics Alumni Association

National Bureau of Economic Research

Poverty Action Lab at MIT

ECO5 Economics Gateway (lots of useful links!)

Interview with Jim Heckman

Preston McAfee’s free introductory economics textbook

Knowledge Problem

Rebecca Thornton’s Amazing Page of Data

Economics Library

VoxEU (European economists’ policy writings)

Field Experiments

Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Labor Review

Institute for Research on Poverty Focus

McMaster Archive for the History of Economic Thought

MIT Open Courseware (includes course materials for many economics courses)

AEA list of economics conferences


Economics at Michigan


University of Michigan Economics Department

Michigan Graduate Economics Society Blog

Economics Librarian Blog

Steve Lehrer’s vast list of economics links 


Evaluation / Treatment Effects / Causal Effects


Michael Lechner’s group at St. Gallen (Sehr gut!)

Chis Winship’s page at Harvard (contains many further links)

ISR Quantitative Methods Program at Michigan

Social Science Statistics Blog at Harvard

Gary King’s page at Harvard

Applied statistics weblog at Columbia

Mahalanobis blog

Mark Lipsey’s center at Vanderbilt

David Freedman’s website at Berkeley

Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy

Impact Evaluation Social Network (run by 3ie)

Center for Evidence-Based Policy


Statistical Treatment Rules


Research on Statistical Treatment Rules (from the Upjohn Institute)


Government Data and Evaluation Sites


National Center for Education Statistics (Lots of data here!)

IES What Works Clearinghouse

United Kingdom Data Archive (Quite so!)

Education Commission of the States Policy Database

Science of Science policy website




Directory of econometrician web sites




Local Polynomial Smoothing Movies


Links for graduate students and potential graduate students


Advice on graduate school

Good advice from Prof. Lubotsky

Good advice from Prof. Blattman




Journal of Obnoxious Statistics

Economics via Seinfeld

Economics haiku