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Emily Clader

cladere (at) ethz (dot) ch
Office: Room C4, Building CLV, Clausiusstrasse 47
Office Phone: +41 44 633 84 43

As of September 2014, I am a Junior Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Studies of the ETH Zürich. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. My advisor was Yongbin Ruan, with whom I studied the Gromov-Witten theory of orbifolds using ideas from algebraic geometry and mathematical physics.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is here.

Papers and Preprints


In the summer of 2014, I assisted in teaching a two-week course on Art and Mathematics with the Michigan Math and Science Scholars, a program for talented high school students. The course was led by Professor Martin Strauss. Previously, I also worked with the Michigan Math and Science Scholars during the summers of 2011 and 2012, on a course centered around number theory and related topics that was led by Professor Mel Hochster and co-taught by Mark Shoemaker.

At the University of Michigan, I was a Graduate Student Instructor for Math 115 (Fall 2009, Winter 2010, Fall 2010, Fall 2012) and Math 116 (Winter 2011).

In July and August 2012, I co-taught a three-session workshop for middle school students at 826michigan on the interaction between mathematics and creative writing. We re-taught the workshop (in modified form) in May 2014, with a sixth-grade class at Ypsilanti Middle School.

In Winter 2012, I was the course co-coordinator for Math 115 (Calculus 1).

Lecture Notes and Other Notes

Below are lecture notes from several talks I have given, as well as notes I compiled on a few other topics. Unless otherwise noted, this material is not original, and in the unoriginal material I make no claim to accuracy; I was often quite inexperienced in these topics at the time the notes were written.


I was part of the organizing committee for two conferences at the University of Michigan:


I am one of the co-founders of the GradTONES (Troupe Of Needlessly Educated Singers), a graduate student a cappella group at the University of Michigan.
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