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Vandenbossche Photos and Source Records

Last Update: August 22, 1999

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Belgium This map depicts the location of Aalst, Belgium. Much of the Vandenbossche family can trace itself back to this town and nearby Hedersem.
Metro Detroit In 1844, Gislenus Vandenbossche emigrated with the Beeckman family to the Grosse Pointe, Michigan area from Belguim. Antwerp was the port from which the family sailed to America. Want to see the original passenger listing for the group on the ship Cato? Click here! On the left, an early map of Southeast Michigan shows the Grosse Pointe and Harrison Township destinations. Click on it to see larger version.
Wayne County Michigan In 1876, Gislenus Vandenbossche owned properties in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Per this Wayne County, Michigan map, it appears he owned 2 tracts of land that year, one consisting of a 40 acre parcel on the north side of Vernier Rd between current day I-94 and Mack Rd. The other tract was a strip of 19 acres that touched on St. Clair. Both properties are in current day Grosse Pointe Shores, MI.
Harrison Township, Michigan Somewhat later in time, here is an 1895 map of Harrison Township, Michigan showing where Frank Vandenbossche and his brother Pete (Gislenus' sons) bought adjacent properties owned previously by a sawmill company. They farmed over 100 acres right on Lake St. Clair. That property would be worth a pretty penny today!
Grosse Pte map 1904 Moving ahead to 1904, this Grosse Pointe map shows the Vandenbossche land on Vernier Rd. is still owned by Gislenus. Also, the Beeckman, Vernier, and Michaux families are shown in the same vicinity.

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I will translate more photos, maps, and record sources into web pages with written explanations to accompany them. Until I get to all of them, you can check out the actual records by looking at my files stored in my Image Directory. Some of them take a while to load but they are quite useful. Most of the names are self explanatory. More to come!