John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Department of Philosophy
Angell Hall 2239  /  435 South State St.
Ann Arbor
, MI  48109-1003

Office: 734-764-6285
Fax: 734-763-8071
E-mail: eandersn@umich.edu
Web: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~eandersn/


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor:
  Max Shaye Professor of Public Philosophy, 2021-
  John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, 2013-.
  John Rawls Collegiate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, 2005-2013.
  Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, 2004-.
  Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, 1999-2005.
  Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, 1993-1999.

  Adjunct Professor of Law, 1995, 1999, 2000.
  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1987-1993.
Swarthmore College, Visiting Instructor in Philosophy, 1985-6.
Harvard University, Teaching Fellow, 1983-1985.


Harvard University, Department of Philosophy, 1981-1987.  A.M. Philosophy, 1984. Ph.D. 1987.
Swarthmore College, 1977-1981.  B.A. Philosophy with minor in Economics, High Honors, 1981.


Sigma Xi, 2022
Honorary Degree, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile, 2022
American Philosophical Society, 2021
Honorary Degree, Swarthmore College, 2021
Fellow of the British Academy, 2020
Named One of World's top 50 Thinkers, Prospect magazine, 2020
MacArthur Fellow, 2019 
Profiled in The New Yorker: Nathan Heller, "The Philosopher Redefining Equality," Dec. 31, 2018
Society for Progress
Medal for Private Government, 2018
Nominee, Golden Apple Award 2017, University of Michigan
President, American Philosophical Association, Central Division, 2014-15
Nominee, Prospect’s World Thinkers 2014
Vice-President/President-Elect, American Philosophical Association, Central Division, 2013-14
Named John Dewey Distinguished University Professor, 2013
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, 2013
ACLS Fellowship, 2013
Michigan Humanities Award, 2013 (declined)
Three Quarks Daily Philosophy Prize for 2012 blog entry, 2nd place
Joseph B. Gittler Award, American Philosophical Association (for "an outstanding scholarly contribution in the
philosophy of one or more of the social sciences," in recognition of The Imperative of Integration, 2011)
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2008
Michigan Humanities Fellow (University of Michigan), 2007
Named John Rawls Collegiate Professor, 2005
Honorable Mention, Fred Berger Memorial Prize (American Philosophical Association), 2003
    (for "Expressive Theories of Law")
John H. D'Arms Award for Distinguished Graduate Mentoring in the Humanities, 2002.
National Institutes of Health, 1999 ($430,465 over 3 years; co-PI.  PI: Toby Jayaratne).
Michigan Humanities Fellow (University of Michigan), 1999.
Nelson Fellow (Philosophy Department), 1998-.
Rackham Faculty Grant, 1996 ($14,400).
Office of Vice President for Research Grant (with Toby Jayaratne, Research Scientist, Center for
        Human Growth and Development), 1995 ($14,000).

Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship, awarded for excellence in undergraduate teaching, 1994-.
Selected by The Philosopher's Annual as author of one of ten best philosophical papers
        published in 1991.

University of Michigan College of LS&A Excellence in Education Award, 1991.
Humanities Institute Fellow, University of Michigan, 1989-90.
Emily and Charles Carrier Prize for Ph.D. Dissertation, Harvard University, 1988.
Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow, 1986-7.  


Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Feminist Theory, Epistemology  


American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Association (Central Division), American Political Science Association, AAUP,
Human Development and Capabilities Association, Society for Analytical Feminism, Society for Progress


Underlined titles link to abstracts, or, for online publications, to full text.


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Guest speaker for The History of Equality, Gretchen Helfrich, host, Odyssey, Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ 91.5FM, August 18, 2003.
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Panelist on the Ethics of Gift-Giving, Gretchen Helfrich, host, Odyssey, Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ 91.5FM, December 24, 2001.
Discussant on Affirmative Action and the U-M Lawsuits, The Warren Pierce Show, WJR (760AM), Dec. 15, 2000 (opposite Carl Cohen, also responding to public call-ins).

Interview, Erik Gandini, filmed for documentary on the future of work
Interviewed by Adrian Tanner for documentary film Burnout: The truth about overwork and what we can do about it (DW Documentary)
Interviewed by Howard Burton for documentary film Pandemic Perspectives (Ideas Roadshow)

Museum installation: Permanent exhibit on democracy for Leiter Polit-Forum Bern, Switzerland (in an ancient prison tower): short audio recording on the meaning and future of democracy (one of about 10 from thinkers/democratic activists) around the world)

Other Publications:

In Conversation with Professor Elizabeth Anderson,” interview by Teresa Turkheimer, Cambridge Journal of Law, Politics, and Art, Issue 1
Foreword to Julian Jonker and Grant Rozeboom, Working as Equals (forthcoming, Oxford University Press)
Preface to Chetan Cetty, “Understanding the claims about labor markets in debates on Private Government,” Economic Policy Institute, Sept. 23, 2021
"The Broken System: What comes after Meritocracy?" (review of M. Sandel, The Tyranny of Merit), The Nation, March 8-15, 2021
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      Swarthmore College, Philosophy Department, April 1983.


[name, Ph.D. year (initial placement / current position) TT = tenure track; T = tenured, P = postdoc; V = visitor, lecturer, etc.]

Chair or Co-Chair of Dissertation Committee:

Mercedes Corredor, 2022 (Virginia Tech, TT)
Ian Fishback, 2020
Nicholas Serafin, 2019 (Santa Clara Law School, TT)
Kimberly Chuang, 2018
Sydney Keough, 2018 (St. Norbert College, TT)
Nina Windgaetter, 2017 (University of New Hampshire, V)
Jeremy Lent, 2016 (Yale Law J.D. program)
Will Thomas, 2015 (Climenko Fellowship, Harvard Law, P / Ross School of Business, U Michigan, TT)
Robin Zheng, 2015 (Yale-NUS, TT)
Stephen Nayak-Young, 2014 (UCLA, P)
Warren Herold, 2014 (U Arkansas, TT)
Nathaniel Coleman, 2013 (University College London, P)
Sven Nyholm, 2013 (University of Cologne, TT)
David Wiens, 2011 (Australian National U, P / UCSD, TT)
Alexandra Plakias, 2011 (Rutgers NB, V / Northern Instit. Philosophy Aberdeen, P)
Amanda Roth, 2010 (Bowling Green, V / SUNY Genesco, TT)
Eleni Manis, 2009 (Franklin & Marshall, TT)
Alexa Forrester, 2009 (Franklin & Marshall, P / Santa Rosa Jr. College, TT)
Vanessa Carbonell, 2009 (U Cincinnati, TT / T)
James Staihar, 2008 (U Chicago Law & Philosophy, P / U Maryland Business School, TT)
Christopher Dodsworth, 2007 (Spring Hill College, TT / T)
Carole Lee, 2006 (Mt. Holyoke, TT / U Washington, T)
Christie Hartley, 2005 (Georgia State, TT / T)
Rob Kar, 2004 (Loyola Law School, L.A., TT / U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, T)
Blain Neufeld, 2002 (Stanford, P / U Milwauwkee, T)
Katie McShane, 2002 (Harvard Kennedy School, P / Colorado State, T)
Rivka Weinberg, 2001 (Brooklyn, V / Scripps, T)
Craig Duncan, 2000 (Ithaca College, V / T)
Jeffrey Brand-Ballard, 1999 (U Wisconsin, Eau Claire, TT / George Washington U, T)
Nadeem Hussain, 1999 (Stanford, TT / T)
Michael Weber, 1998 (Yale, TT / Bowling Green, T)
Mika Lavaque-Manty, 1998 (U Washington Political Science, TT / U Michigan Political Science, T)
David Sobel, 1997 (Bowling Green, V / Syracuse U, T)
Christopher Roberson, 1996 (Loyola of Chicago, V)

Member of Dissertation Committee:

Eduardo Martinez, 2020 (U Cincinnnati)
Filipa Melo Lopez, 2019 (U Edinburgh, TT)
Daniel Putnam (Yale), 2016 (Princeton, P)
Ira Lindsay, 2014 (Dartmouth, P / Surrey, School of Law, TT)
Stephen Campbell, 2012 (Coe College, P / UPenn Med School, P)
Elizabeth Goodnick, 2010 (U Oklahoma, V / Metro State U Denver, TT)
David Dick, 2009 (U Calgary, Business, V / TT)
Rutger Claassen (University of Utrecht), 2008 (Utrecht, TT / T)
Erica Lucast Stonestreet, 2008 (College of St. Benedict & St. John's U, V / TT)
Soraya Gollop, 2007 (Southern Methodist University, TT / T)
Remy Debes, 2006 (U Memphis, TT / T)
Steve Daskal, 2005 (Virginia Tech, TT / Northern Illinois U, T)
Andrea Westlund, 2001 (Pittsburgh, TT / U Wisconsin, Milwaukee, T)
Manyul Im, 1997 (Cal State, L.A., TT / Associate Dean, Fairfield U)
Brian Leiter, 1995 (U Texas, Austin, Law, TT / U Chicago Law, T)
Sin yee Chan, 1993 (U Vermont, TT / T)
Heidi Feldman, 1993 (U Michigan Law School, TT / Georgetown U Law, T)
Jeff Gauthier, 1992 (Portland U, TT / T)
Joel Richeimer, 1992 (Kenyon College, TT / T)
Maria Morales (UPenn), 1991 (Florida State, TT / T)
Eric Gampel, 1991 (Cal State Chico, TT / T)
Don Loeb, 1990 (U Vermont, TT / T)
Richard Dees, 1990 ( U Rochester Med School, P / U Rochester, T)
David Anderson, 1990 (College of Charleston, V / Geo. Wash. U. Sch. Political Mgmt)


Honors Introduction to Philosophy
First-Year Philosophy Seminar on Emotion
Global Justice (co-taught with Frank Thompson, Economics, University of Michigan)
Law and Philosophy
Contemporary Moral Problems
Introduction to Political Philosophy
Introduction to Political Economy
19th Century Social and Political Philosophy
Undergraduate Senior Seminar in Ethics
Undergraduate Senior Seminar on Global Justice
Undergraduate Senior Seminar on Doing Well, Doing Good, and Doing Evil
Capstone Seminar in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Topics in Political Philosophy
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Social Philosophy
Theory of Value
Topics in Ethics
Topics in Feminist Philosophy (crosslisted with Women's Studies) (Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science)
Graduate Proseminar in Ethics (co-taught with Allan Gibbard, Stephen Darwall)
Graduate Seminar in History of Philosophy: Philosophy of John Dewey
Graduate Seminar in Ethics
Graduate Seminar in Normative Ethics (topic: Moral Repair and Communication)
Graduate Seminar in Practical Reasoning and Moral Relativism
Graduate Seminar in Social Philosophy (topic: Social Norms)
Graduate Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy (topic: Egalitarianism)
Graduate Seminar in Feminist Theory, Social Construction, and Agency (co-taught with Sally Haslanger)
Graduate Seminar in Sociology and Philosophy (co-taught with Mayer Zald, Sociology, University of Michigan)
Law, Economics, and Alternatives to Both (in Law School)
Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action (in Law School)


President, Central Division, American Philosophical Association, 2014-2015
Vice President, Central Division, American Philosophical Association, 2013-2014
Chair, Nominating Committee, Central Division APA, 2015-16
Board of Officers, APA, 2013-16
Executive Committee, APA, 2013-16
Chair, APA Task Force on Inclusion and Diversity, 2013-
Board Member, Hypatia, Inc., 2014-
Board Member, PIKSI (Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute, Penn State), 2013-
Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellowship selection committee, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, 2011
Executive Committee, AAUP, University of Michigan chapter, 2004-5
Nominating Committee, American Philosophical Association Central Division, 1999-2000, 2004-5
Advisory Committee to APA Eastern Division Program Committee, 1998
Nominating Committee, APA Central Division, 1997-8
Advisory Committee to APA Eastern Division Program Committee,1997
Program Committee, APA Central Division,  1994
Associate Editor: Hypatia,
Editorial Board (various years): American Philosophical Quarterly, Economics and Philosophy, Ethics, Ethics and Social Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Imprints, Journal of Human Development, Law Ethics & Philosophy,  Philosophy and Public Affairs, Politics Philosophy & Economics, Public Affairs Quarterly, Social Theory and Practice
Journal Referee:
  Academy of Management Review, Analyse & Kritik, APA Newsletter on Feminist Philosophy, American Political Science Review, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, British Journal of Sociology, British Medical Journal, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Critical Review of International Social & Political Philosophy, Du Bois Review, Economics and Philosophy, Education Finance and Policy, Episteme, Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Erkentniss, Ethical Perspectives, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Ethics and Justice, European Journal of Political Philosophy, Feminist Economics, Hastings Center Report, Hypatia, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of the British Academy, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Economic Methodology, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy,Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, Journal of the History of Analytic Philosophy, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Journal of Philosophical Research, Journal of Political Philosophy, Journal of Politics, Journal of Social Philosophy, Law and Society Review, Monist, Nous, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Perspectives on Politics, Philosopher's Imprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy Politics & Economics, Perspectives on Politics, Political Studies, Political Theory, Politics and Gender, Polity, Radical Philosophy Review, Ratio Juris, Res Publica, Review of Social Economy, Scandinavian Political Studies, Science and Engineering Ethics, Signs, Social Epistemology, Social Theory and Practice, Social Forces, Sociological Theory, Synthese, Theory and Science, Urban Affairs Review
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