Quick Links to Full Texts of Selected Articles by Elizabeth Anderson

Open Access:

    "The Epistemology of Democracy," Episteme 3 (2006): 9-23. 

    "Reply to Critics of My 'Uses of Value Judgments in Feminist Social Science'," Symposium on Race, Gender, and Philosophy (commentators Linda Alcoff, Sharon Clough, Marianne Janack, Charles Mills), January 2006.

    "Dewey's Moral Philosophy," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2005 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.).

    "Welfare, Work Requirements, and Dependent Care," Journal of Applied Philosophy 21 (2004): 243-256.

    "Ethical Assumptions of Economic Theory: Some Lessons from the History of Credit and Bankruptcy," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice  7 (2004): 347-360.

    "Uses of Value Judgments in Feminist Social Science: A Case Study of Research on Divorce," Hypatia 19 (2004): 1-24.

    "Racial Integration as a Compelling Interest," Constitutional Commentary 21 (2004): 101-127.

    "Sen, Ethics, and Democracy," Feminist Economics  9 (2003): 239-261.

    "Integration, Affirmative Action, and Strict Scrutiny," NYU Law Review, 77 (2002): 1195-1271.

    "Unstrapping the Straitjacket of  'Preference': on Amartya Sen's Contributions to Philosophy and Economics," Economics and Philosophy 17 (2001): 21-38.

    "Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward N. Zalta (ed.), 2001.

"Beyond Homo Economicus: New Developments in Theories of Social Norms," Philosophy and Public Affairs 29 (2000): 170-200.

 "Why Commercial Surrogate Motherhood Unethically Commodifies Women and Children: Reply to McLachlan and Swales," Health Care Analysis 8 (1), 2000.

    "Anderson replies to Arneson, Christiano, and Sobel," Brown Electronic Article Review Service, Jamie Dreier and David Estlund, editors
        (replies to critics of "What is the Point of Equality?"), 1999.

    "Knowledge, Human Interests, and Objectivity in Feminist Epistemology," Philosophical Topics 23 (1995): 27-58.

JSTOR Database (access may be restricted):

"What is the Point of Equality?," Ethics 109 (1999): 287-337.

"Reasons, Attitudes, and Values: Replies to Sturgeon and Piper," Ethics 106 (1996): 538-554.

"John Stuart Mill and Experiments in Living,"  Ethics 102 (1991): 4-26.

"Is Women's Labor a Commodity?" Philosophy and Public Affairs 19 (1990): 71-92.

"Values, Risks, and Market Norms," Philosophy and Public Affairs 17(1988): 54-65.

Not-so-Quick Links to Full Texts of My Articles

Some of my articles are available in full-text article databases to which stable links cannot be made.  If you have access to these databases, you can find full texts of these articles on them:  

"Feminist Epistemology: An Interpretation and Defense," Hypatia 10 (1995): 50-84. In Proquest and Genderwatch.

"Slinging Arrows At Democracy: Social Choice Theory, Pluralism, and Democratic Politics."  co-author, Richard Pildes.  Columbia Law Review 90 (December 1990): 2121-2214. In Lexis-Nexis.

"Women and Contracts: No New Deal." Review of Carole Pateman, The Sexual Contract. Michigan Law Review 88 (May 1990): 1792-1810. In Lexis-Nexis.