Duhaime Lab
Ecological Genomics of Environmental Microbes

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan

Lab Members and Collaborators
mbd Melissa B. Duhaime   view CV view CV

Principal Investigator, Assistant Research Scientist

Research Interests:
  • microbe-virus-environment interactions
  • developing bioinformatic approaches to study the evolution and ecology of environmental viruses
  • impact of microplastics on Great Lakes ecosystem health
  • plastic-microbe associations in aquatic systems
mbd Cody Sheik   
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests: Microbial ecology of Great Lakes microplastics
mbd Kat Wiles   
PhD student

Kat recently graduated from Humboldt State University where she studied the biogeography of thermoacidophilc bacteria from Lassen Volcanic National Park with Patricia Siering.

Research Interests: Using aquatic microplastic debris as models to study principles of microbial ecology, including community assembly, trophic cascades, biogeochemical cycling, and (micro) island biogeography.
mbd Rachel Cable   
Research Technician

Research Interests: Conservation; hand-picking microplastics out of the Great Lakes, one piece at a time.
Michelle Berry   
Research Technician

Research Focus: The woman-power behind the collaborative Lake Erie Microcystis project. In addition to coordinating and carrying out the field work, her role in the Duhaime Lab is to lead Microcystis virus investigations, including virus isolation and viral metagenomics to better understand infection dynamics during blooms.
mbd Melissa Freeland   
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2015

Research Interests: Using a Pseudoalteromonas phage-host system, Melissa is investigating the role of nutrient limitation in ocean virus infection dynamics.
mbd Greg Boehm    view CV view CV
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2016

Research Interests: Exploring the physical structure of biofilms of ocean and Great Lakes plastic using scanning electron microscopy and the community structure of organisms making up the biofilms using 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing.
mbd Alexi Schnur    view CV view CV
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2017

Research Interests: The role of viruses in Lake Erie Microcystis bloom dynamics through culturing, novel virus isolation, and electron microscopy to better understand the mechanisms of infection within a colony and across a blooming population.
mbd Vinnie Gupta   
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2017

Research Interests: Developing new, high-throughput methods to count and identify plastic particles in aquatic systems.
mbd Emma Borjigin-Wang   
Summer Undergraduate Researcher, Harvard University
Sarah Halperin   
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2015

  • Lab Alumni

  • Nicole Nicole Dear, MPH graduate student, University of Michigan
  • Gabriel Gabriel Vargas Asensio, grad student Coleman lab, Univ of Chicago