Duhaime Lab
Ecological Genomics of Environmental Microbes

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan

Lab Members and Collaborators
mbd Melissa B. Duhaime   view CV view CV

Principal Investigator
Assistant Research Scientist

Research Interests:
Marine viral community genomics and heterotrophic phage-host model system studies, plastic-microbe associations in aquatic systems
mbd Nicole Dear    view CV view CV
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2014

I am a junior majoring in Microbiology and Program in the Environment (PitE). I am interested in environmental microbiology, being that microbes are such accurate indicators of environmental and human health. After graduation I hope to join the Peace Corps before returning to the US to pursue graduate education in public health. I love to run, and hope to complete my second marathon this year.

Research Interests: Using a Pseudoalteromonas phage-host pair, Nicole is investigating the role of nutrient limitation in ocean virus infection dynamics.
mbd Gabriel Vargas Asensio    view CV view CV
Visiting Researcher

Research Interests: Exploring ecological and evolutionary impacts of viruses on marine microbial communities of deep hydrothermal vent plumes through community genomics and bioinformatics. Joint project with the Dick Lab.
mbd Melissa Freeland   
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2015

Research Interests: Developing methods to isolate and study community-level dynamics of viruses of cyanobacterial mats that thrive in low-oxygen, high-sulfur Lake Huron sinkholes. In collaboration with the Dick Lab.

Learn more about these novel sinkhole environments and how they serve as early Earth analogs.
mbd Gregory Boehm    view CV view CV
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2016

Research Interests: Exploring the physical structure of biofilms of ocean plastic using scanning electron microscopy and the community structure of organisms making up the biofilms using 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing.
Alexi Schnur    view CV view CV
Undergraduate Researcher, Class of 2017

Research Interests: Discovery of novel ocean viruses, particularly targeting those that infect Pseudoalteromonas and other microbial heterotrophs.
  • Collaborators

  • Sonja Sonja Oberbeckmann, University of Lincoln, UK
  • Antje Wichels, AWI, Helgoland, Germany
  • Matt Sullivan TMPL, University of Arizona
  • Greg Dick Geomicrobiology Lab, University of Michigan