We study microbes and their viruses across organizational scales (individuals, populations, communities) and the impact of their interaction on microbial ecosystem functions. This work is rooted in the analysis of large-scale viral and microbial omics datasets, model phage-host system development, and state-of-the-art laboratory and field-based study.

While we currently focus our efforts on viral ecology, for most of the last 3 years we have been investigating the distribution, concentration, and environmental health impact of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. Today, we are wrapping up this primary initiative by exploring the microbial communities living on this plastic.

Our current research addresses three major themes:


Viral community omics, viruses and the biological pump, phage-host model systems, microscopy techniques

Freshwater Viral Ecology

Viral community omics in the Great Lakes; freshwater reservoirs of antibiotic resistance


Community structure and genomics of plastic biofilms in freshwater and oceans


Melissa Duhaime    duhaimem@umich.edu
Kraus Natural Science Building
830 North University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Lab: 1009 Kraus
Office: 1137 Kraus   |   (734) 764-6219

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