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Exploring Microscale Interactions in Aquatic Systems
Lab News
Melissa Duhaime 4/2014: We are saved! EEB grad, Rachel Cable, joins the lab as a Research Technician.

Melissa Duhaime 11/2013: Melissa awarded $274K by Water Center to lead team to study impacts of microplastics on Great Lakes ecosystem health

Melissa Duhaime 9/2013: Three great new undergrads join the lab! Melissa F, Greg, and Alexi

Melissa Duhaime 9/2013: Melissa is interviewed by Michigan Radio about the lab's work studying plastic debris (and its microbes!) in the Great Lakes

Melissa Duhaime 9/2013: Gabriel Vargas Asensio visits the lab from Costa Rica to study hydrothermal vent virus communities, jointly with the Dick Lab

Melissa Duhaime 6/2013: Cody Sheik, postdoc Geomicrobiology Lab, samples hydrothermal vent viruses with the Schmidt vessel, Falkor

Niciole Dear
5/2013: Nicole Dear awarded the ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship, to study nutrient limitation and virus infection
3/2013: Dr. Sonja Oberbeckmann visits the group to study plastic biofilm community genomics
Melissa Duhaime 2/2012: Melissa Duhaime's work aboard Tara as part of the TARA Oceans circumnavigation in the news

Melissa Duhaime
12/2012: Nicole Dear joins the group to study ocean viruses
1/2012: Melissa Duhaime joins UM Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department as research scientist
Melissa Duhaime 6/2015: Alexi is awarded a prestigious ASM URF award for her work studying viral infections of Lake Erie harmful algal bloom forming Microcystis (image right)
Melissa Duhaime 5/2015: Melissa interviewed by Carl Zimmer about her work studying ocean viruses with Tara Oceans
Melissa Duhaime 3/2015: Michigan senate proposes bill to ban microbeads, Duhaime Lab interviewed for Michigan Radio.  WKAR  WMUK
Melissa Duhaime 9/2014: Rachel sails the Mediterranean aboard TARA, sampling plastics and hoping to better understand the contribution of their resident microbes on planetary biogeochemical processes.
Read an interview with Rachel on-board!
Melissa Duhaime 8/2014: IN THE PRESS: The lab's hard work in the Great Lakes this summer has caught media attention.
Great Lakes Echo
Port Stanley News
MIRS Michigan's Capitol Coverage
Melissa Duhaime 7/2014: The lab's research on Great Lakes microplastics highlighted in Lake Scientist, along with others in the increasingly active research community. The article summarizes the first-ever Great Lakes microplastics session at IAGLR 2014.
Melissa Duhaime 7/2014: Rachel and Greg sail with a summer outreach camp, Windward Bound, sampling plastics in Lake Huron and teaching 12-14 year olds about the topic.
Melissa Duhaime 6/2014: Kat Wiles joins the lab from Humboldt State! As a graduate student, she will pursue her interests in microbial ecology, studying biofilm communities of aquatic plastic debris.
Melissa Duhaime 5/2014: Duhaime lab co-authors publication in Science describing diverse hydrothermal vent viruses containing genes central to sulfur cycling.
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