Duffy Lab News

Summer 2013:

August: Cat, Dylan, and Rachel all gave presentations at the ESA meeting in Minneapolis.

July: Chloe and Rebecca presented results of their summer REU projects at the ED-QUE2ST symposium, and did an excellent job. Congratulations! They will be missed!

Welcome to Katie Hunsberger, who has joined the lab as a temporary technician to assist with the 2013 field season. Her participation is supported by an NSF Career-Life Balance supplement.

June: Meghan gave a talk in the ASN Vice Presidential Symposium at the Evolution meetings in Snowbird.

Meghan has been named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America! She is one of six people selected as the first cohort of Early Career Fellows.

May: Welcome to summer undergrads Chloe Lash, Mitch Nisbet, and Rebecca Healy!

Spring 2013:

March: Meghan had her baby! Everyone is doing well.

February: Meghan was the graduate student-invited speaker in the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University.

1/17/13: Meghan gave a seminar at the University of Texas-Austin, hosted by Dan Bolnick.

1/7/13: Welcome to Bella, the new Duffy Lab technician! Bella is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, and comes to us with experience working with plankton.

Fall 2012:

12/17/12: The Daphnia have arrived! Rachel drove our Daphnia cultures from Atlanta to Ann Arbor, after careful packing by Jessie, Rachel, and Stephanie.

11/15/12: We just wrapped up a short field season in Michigan, sampling lakes in the Ann Arbor area. Cat, Mandy, and others sampled 20 lakes in the area. We are happy to report that we found infected Daphnia in the lakes.

10/1/12: Welcome to new Duffy Lab undergrad, Mandy Bromilow!

9/1/12: The lab moved to the University of Michigan's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Meghan, Cat, and Dylan moved, while Jessie, Rachel, and Stu stayed behind at Georgia Tech.

Summer 2012:

7/30-8/1/12: Meghan traveled to Washington, DC, to receive her Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). While at NSF for one of the award ceremonies, she did this interview, related to her time as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

5/30/12: Our lab's first PLoS ONE paper has been accepted! Stuart Auld is the lead author. The paper focused on the epidemiology of a Daphnia-multiparasite system, and its implications for Red Queen dynamics. We'll link to the article once it's online. UPDATE: Here's the link.

5/23/12: Stephanie Hernandez is presenting her REU research from last summer at this week's Society for Freshwater Science meetings in Louisville, supported by a GT PURA travel award. Break a leg, Stephanie!

5/22/12: Dylan and Meghan are attending the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases meetings in Ann Arbor this week.

5/21/12: Welcome to new Duffy Lab undergrad Brian Lemanski. Brian joins us from Colgate, and is taking part in the ACE-REU program at Georgia Tech. Stephanie Hernandez will also be participating in the ACE-REU program this summer, and Zuri Hudson will be an REU on the CAREER award. Also, welcome back to Kathy Uyesugi, who rejoins the lab after a semester abroad.

Spring 2012:

5/5/12: Congratulations to new graduate Hema Sundar! Hema is heading off to dental school in the fall.

4/12/12: The Duffy Lab is hosting David Reznick for a seminar.

4/10/12: Duffy Lab undergrads Stephanie Hernandez and Sara Snell will be giving poster presentations at the UROP Undergraduate Research Symposium.

4/7/12: Rachel just heard she is a winner of a PEO Scholar Award! Congrats, Rachel!

4/6/12: Dylan gave an oral presentation at the Association for Southeastern Biologists meeting in Athens, GA.

4/5-6/12: Meghan continued her tour of former institutions, giving seminars at Michigan State and Kellogg Biological Station, hosted by Scott Peacor and Jeff Conner.

3/30/12: Our new paper is out in Science, and has been featured on the cover!

3/30/12: Meghan gave a seminar at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA, hosted by Ken Spitze.

2/19/12: Meghan gave a seminar at her alma mater, Cornell, hosted by Nelson Hairston, Jr. Go Big Red!

2/2/12: Congrats to former Duffy Lab REU Mat Sebastian! Mat has been selected as an NIH IRTA Post-baccalaureate fellow. He will work for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases after he graduates this spring.

1/9/12: Welcome to new undergrad Blake Christianson! Blake is going to work on a new project we have looking at the effects of pharmaceuticals on aquatic communities.

1/1/12: The Prior et al. paper on maternal effects in Daphnia-Metschnikowia interactions is now out in Evolutionary Ecology Research! Cherise Washington, a former REU student in the Duffy Lab and current Spelman undergrad, is second author on this paper. Congrats to Cherise on her first scientific publication!

Fall 2011:

12/8/11: The Overholt et al. paper on the effects of UV and PAR on Daphnia-Metschnikowia interactions is now out in Ecology Letters.

10/8/11: The Duffy et al. paper in Functional Ecology is the focus of a Spotlight by Welch and Harwood.

9/23/11: Welcome to new Duffy Lab postdoc, Catherine Searle! Cat recently received her PhD from Oregon State University, where she worked in Andy Blaustein's lab.

8/22/11: Welcome to Kathy Uyesugi, a new undergrad in the Duffy Lab. And welcome back to Stephanie Hernandez, who rejoins the lab after a semester abroad and a summer REU program at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.

Summer 2011:

8/8/11: Dylan, Meghan, Rachel and Stu all went to the ESA Annual Meeting in Austin. Meghan, Rachel and Stu all gave oral presentations at the meeting.

6/23/11: Our research is featured on the GT homepage today and in a new press release. The press release focuses on the results reported in our new Functional Ecology paper.

6/18/11: Rachel is off to the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases conference and was selected to participate in the post-meeting workshop.

6/6/11: Our paper showing trait mediated indirect effects of a predator on host-parasite interactions is now available online in the journal Functional Ecology.

5/30/11: Our paper looking at spatiotemporal dynamics of free-living stages of the parasite Spirobacillus cienkowskii is now out in the journal Aquatic Microbial Ecology.

5/23/11: Welcome to REUs Elisabeth Clark (from Spelman) and Mat Sebastian (from the University of South Carolina).

5/17/11: Welcome back to Cherise Washington. Cherise was an REU in the lab last summer, and returns this summer with an NIH RISE fellowship. Welcome also to Kevin Rothstein, a new undergrad in the lab.

5/6/11: Welcome to undergrad Zuri Hudson.

Spring 2011:

5/5/11: Congratulations to Tamanna Ahmed, Abbie Reynolds, Bonnie Ann Sarrell and Sierra Schmidt on their graduation!

5/1/11: Meghan received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. More information on the award can be found here.

4/27/11: Congratulations to former Duffy Lab undergraduate Sierra Schmidt. Sierra received the Merri Gaye Hitt-Strauss Memorial Scholarship, which is presented to a deserving Georgia Tech student who exemplifies strong character, outstanding leadership and true love for Georgia Tech. Congratulations Sierra!

3/4/11: Our lab's review of rapid evolution as a potential constraint on emerging infectious diseases was just published in the April issue of Freshwater Biology. Congratulations to first-author Rachel Penczykowski! This paper was a collaboration with Samantha Forde at UC-Santa Cruz.

2/11/11: Our lab's paper on oomycete infections in native and invasive amphipods was just published in the March issue of Biological Invasions. This work was a collaboration with Åsa Kestrup and Tony Ricciardi at McGill University.

1/18/11: Welcome to new Duffy Lab postdoc, Stuart Auld!

1/10/11: Our lab's paper on Asplanchna-oomycete interactions was just published in the February issue of Freshwater Biology. An image we submitted with the article is on the cover of the issue. Former Duffy Lab postdoc Sara Thomas is lead author on this paper, which includes five current or former Duffy Lab undergrads as coauthors.

1/10/11: Welcome to new undergrads Alison Burger, Hema Sundar and Sara Snell.

1/3/11: Congralations to Tamanna Ahmed, recipient of a President's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) for spring 2011!

Fall 2010:

12/20/10: Congratulations to Tamanna Ahmed, Abbie Reynolds and Karla van Rensburg, who each just had her Honors Thesis approved.

12/18/10: Congratulations to new graduates Seda Grigoryan and Karla van Rensburg. They will be missed!

9/15/10: Congrats to Rachel on her first first-authored paper! Rachel is lead author on a review that just appeared online early at Freshwater Biology. The review focuses on the role of rapid evolution on the spread of emerging infectious diseases.

9/14/10: Congrats to Sara on her first Duffy Lab paper! Our paper on infections in amphipods in the St. Lawrence River is Online Early at Biological Invasions! This work was a collaboration with Åsa Kestrup and Tony Ricciardi of McGill University. Åsa Kestrup and Sara Thomas are joint first authors, and Duffy Lab undergraduate Karla van Rensburg is also a co-author on the paper.

Summer 2010:

8/16/10: Welcome to Dylan Grippi, a new graduate student in the Duffy Lab!

8/2/10: Meghan received the Mercer Award at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America. More on this award can be found here.

8/1/10: A temporary farewell to Rachel, who is off to Indiana to do field work for the next few months. She will be hosted by Spencer Hall's Lab in Bloomington, and will be studying Daphnia-Metschnikowia interactions in a set of lakes near Bloomington..

7/28/10: Goodbye to Sara, who has accepted a teaching position in the IB program at Marietta High School, just north of Atlanta. We'll miss her, and wish her well in her new job.

7/26/10: Congratulations to Rachel, who passed her qualifying exams and is now a PhD candidate in Biology!

7/24/10: The Duffy Lab enjoyed an outing to an Atlanta Chiefs football game to watch Jessie, who is an Atlanta Chiefs cheerleader.

7/19/10: This week, the Duffy Lab will lead more hands-on activities for campers at Piedmont Park, as part of our ongoing partnership with the Piedmont Park Conservancy.

6/3/10: The Duffy Lab's third annual Plankton Day at Piedmont Park was a success! Most exciting: many of the returning campers retained a lot of what they learned last summer. Pictures from last year's Plankton Day can be found here.

5/25/10: Welcome to our three new undergrads: Stephanie Hernandez (GT), Freddie Irizarry Delgado (U. Puerto Rico-Mayaguez) and Cherise Washington (Spelman)! They will all be working on different Daphnia-parasite projects in the lab this summer.

Spring 2010:

5/8/10: Congratulations to Katie, who just received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology!

4/6/10: Congratulations to Rachel, who has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

3/24/10: Rachel has been offered a scholarship to the ELME program at the Kellogg Biological Station. This will allow Rachel to travel there this summer to take a course in Theoretical Community and Ecosystem Ecology. Congratulations Rachel!

2/15/10: Abbie has been profiled in the February edition of GT's Undergraduate Research News! Check out the story here.

2/11/10: Meghan has been awarded the Faculty Award for Academic Outreach from Georgia Tech, in recognition of the lab's outreach work with Piedmont Park.

1/10/10: Welcome to new Duffy Lab undergrads Tamanna Ahmed, Seda Grigoryan, Kristine Jansen, and Susie Lee! Seda and Tamanna will work on our new Clayton County Reservoir project, and Kristine and Susie will work on an ecotoxicology project.

Fall 2009:

12/28/09: Welcome to the newest Duffy Lab member, Milo Henry Thomas! Sara had her baby early this morning, and everyone is doing well.

10/29/09: Congratulations to Sara Thomas! Sara won the School of Biology's VWR postdoctoral award for scientific excellence in experimental biology. As part of the award, Sara will give the departmental seminar on 11/19. More on the award can be found here.

8/21/09: Welcome to undergraduate Bonnie Ann Sarrell! Bonnie Ann will be working (at least initially) on a life table experiment involving Daphnia, parasites, and predators.

Summer 2009:

7/15/09: The Duffy Lab led an outreach day at Piedmont Park today, for campers aged 5-10. I think we may have had some future limnologists in the group! Pictures can be seen here.

6/9/09: Welcome to summer RET (Research Experience for Teachers) teacher Nikolai Curtis. Nikolai teaches biology at Grady High School in Atlanta, and will be working in our lab this summer.

5/29/09: Two new links have been added on the links page. One is to Wim van Egmond's Micropolitan Museum page, which has beautiful images of plankton (including Daphnia and rotifers). The other is to a very useful online key to zooplankton.

5/26/09: Welcome to summer REU students Zayani Sims (Spelman College) and Grace Wilkinson (St. Olaf College)!

5/22/09: The GT Earth Day page includes a picture of Jessie Housley (on right) and Katie Kenline (second from right) showing people about local plankton. This was the second year the Duffy Lab participated in the Earth Day festivities.

Spring 2009:

5/2/09: Congratulations to new graduate Jessie Housley! Jessie just earned her B.S. in Biology. We're very excited that she's staying on in the Duffy Lab to work as a technician on the Daphnia-Metschnikowia project.

5/1/09: Congratulations to Sara Thomas, who is now officially Dr. Thomas!

4/22/09: The Duffy Lab has created a "Which [freshwater] zooplankton are you?" quiz for Facebook! The quiz involves answering a series of questions, after which you will find out which freshwater zooplankton taxon best matches your personality. It can be found by searching for "zooplankton" on Facebook. We're hoping it will be a fun way to introduce some new people to the world of plankton.

3/20/09: Congratulations to Abbie Reynolds, who won a Presidents' Undergraduate Research Award! Abbie will be joining the lab this summer, and will work on zooplankton dynamics in the Congaree National Park.

3/17/09: The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant for work in the Duffy Lab on the joint influences of host genetic diversity and selective predators on eco-evolutionary host-parasite dynamics. More info can be found here.

3/8/09: We've added a new webpage containing pictures of some of our field sites. You can see the page here or from a link on the "Research" page.

1/13/09: Welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Sara Thomas.

1/5/09: Welcome to new undergraduate researchers Katie Kenline and Karla Van Rensburg.

Fall 2008:

12/13/08: Congratulations to new graduates Derek Deraps and Natalie Huch! Derek graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science (with highest honors) and Natalie graduated with a B.S. in Biology (with honors). Congrats to both!

9/28/08: Our research was recently featured in an article in Georgia Tech's Research Horizons publication. A pdf of the article can be found here.

8/18/08: Fall semester is here! Welcome to new grad student (and President's Fellowship Recipient) Rachel Penczykowski, as well as to new undergraduate researcher Jessie Housley.

Summer 2008:

6/10/08: Welcome to undergraduate researcher Laura Geronimo, visiting from Wesleyan University in CT for the summer.

5/5/08: Welcome to undergraduate researcher Sierra Schmidt.

Spring 2008:

4/4/08: Bye to Flat Stanley, who has gone back to Mrs. Justiniano's first grade class in Centerport, NY.

3/21/08: Natalie Huch and Sierra Schmidt have been awarded President's Undergraduate Research Awards for Summer 2008. Congratulations!

2/22/08: Welcome to Flat Stanley, who is visiting us from Mrs. Justiniano's first grade class at the Washington Drive Primary School in Centerport NY. See Flat Stanley doing field work here.

1/24/08: We've begun a journal club with several labs from Emory (Nicole Gerardo's, Jaap de Roode's and Todd Schlenke's), focusing on host-parasite interactions in invertebrates. A schedule can be found on Nicole's website.

Renovations to the Duffy Lab are complete!

Welcome to undergraduate researchers Derek DeRaps and Natalie Huch.

Fall 2007:

10/29/07: The Duffy Lab is officially online!

August 2007: Renovations to lab, office and greenhouse spaces are underway! Pictures will be posted in the future (maybe).

Infected Daphnia