Duc Le

Ph.D. Candidate

Computational Human-Centered Analysis and Integration Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Table Tennis: I started playing table tennis in college and it has been my favorite sport since then. I have represented both my alma mater (UT-Dallas) and U of M in intercollegiate table tennis tournaments. BBB has a table in the grad lounge; contact me if you want to take a break from work by hitting some balls around.

Soccer: I have been playing soccer since age 7 and it was my favorite sport before college. I usually play as an attacking midfielder. My favorite club is Bayern Munich and my favorite player is Mehmet Scholl. He played for Bayern from 1992 to 2007 and is one of the club's most loyal and technically gifted players ever.

Other Hobbies: tennis, classical guitar, skydiving, watching movies, reading books, traveling, fishing, eating out.