In honor of Die Another Day, a slew of James Bond questions. Which is your favorite Bond Movie? Favorite Bond portayer? Favorite Bond villian? And, of course, favorite Bond girl?

  • I have to admit to being a total weenie and having only seen the Brosnan ones in their entirety, and I'm sure some of the older ones are more superior, such that I don't feel confident in my ability to rank films or villains. Anyway, my favorite Bond Girl at the moment would haveta be Michelle Yeoh. (Least favorite = Teri Hatcher.)

  • Movie: Live and Let Die. Portrayer: Roger Moore. Villian: Drax. Bond girl: Ursula Andress.

  • I have to pick Pierce Brosnan for favorite Bond portrayer because he's the only one I've ever seen...but being I don't care much for that genre, it doesn't mean much. Give me a good middle-ages fantasy any day!

  • Heh, didn't I already just discuss this with you? :) I guess I'd say "A View To A Kill," Pierce Brosnan (with Roger Moore a close second), Christopher Walken as Max Zorin, and Michelle Yeoh (yeow!).

  • My favorites are all from the same movie, Connery in Goldfinger with the evil henchman Odd Job. My favorite Bond girl will be Halle Berry.

  • _Seasons of Plenty_, Kieran Doyle, Raoul Mortimer, and Asia Knickerless.

  • I just watch Bond to see Q and his gadgets :)

  • Sean Connery in From Russia With Love is absolutely amazing. It's international intrigue at its height! But it's a shame that Jaws wasn't in that one. Jaws rocks! As far as beginnings (you know, that first five minutes before the opening credits), it's gotta be Roger Moore on the ski slopes against the Russians before A View to a Kill. Hang 10!

  • Favorite Bond movie--GoldenEye. Favorite Bond portrayer is Pierce Brosnan (Yeah, I know--the Connery fans will consider me a heretic). Favorite Bond girl is a little more difficult, but probably the one from Tomorrow Never Dies, because she was strong and competent as well as beautiful.

  • 1. I can't really pinpoint my favorite. I have a place in my heart for the Living Daylights, mainly because it was the first one I ever saw and it has a bunch of really cool gadgets in it and it was a good Cold War story. I also think On Her Majesty's Secret Service was a lot better than many would give it credit for. 2. Connery, of course. Who wouldn't say Connery? Although I know two guys that would defend Roger Moore to the death. 3. Red Grant or Alec Trevalyen (sp). Two guys that can hold their own against Bond. 4. A toss-up between Xenia Onatopp, Pussy Galore, or Holly Goodhead. Oh, and who can forget Pam Bouvier from Licence to Kill?

  • i've never seen a bond movie.

  • Movie: I love all of them, except Moonraker Bond: (1) Sean Connery (2) Pierce Bronson Villian: Random Task Girl: Seminova Onatop

  • I like Pierce Broznan. Only because of his being "Mr. Steele".

  • I have seen so few Bond movies. I don't have a favorite yet. And I've really only seen Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan as The Bondster, and of them I'll go with Brosnan. I think that Yahoo Serious would make an excellent Bond villain, but I don't think he ever will be.

  • None. Til a fired shot hits and kills Bond, I will not see another Bond movie. Heh.

  • I only really started watching Bond when Goldfinger came out, but I liked Tomorrow never dies, and I think that Pierce Brosnan is a pretty decent Bond

  • A View To A Kill, most definitely. It has Roger Moore, evil Christopher Walken, Grace Jones jumping off the Eiffel Tower.. what's not to like? My favorite Bond is probably Roger, since he's the Bond I grew up with. Pierce Brosnan is growing on me though. Best Bond Villain? Jaws. With Odd Job running second. Favorite Bond Girl? I dunno.. Michelle Yeow maybe?

  • I don't really have a favorite Bond villian or movie or girl, but MAN, Sean Connery was by far smoother and sexier than any other Bond.

  • Haven't seen them all but for sheer campiness and classicity (is that a word?) I vote for Goldfinger. Sean Connery is the classiest and best Bond ever. Favorite villian - Odd Job... he was just so weird. Favorite Bond girl - I dunno.

  • Movie--Goldfinger Bond--Dalton Villian--Wayne Newton Girl--Natalya computerchick

  • Goldeneye...Sean "We name the dahhg Indiahna" Connery...Blofeld...and DENISE~!!!1!

  • Movie: Dr. No Portrayer: Sean Connery Villian: Jaws Girl: Kim Basinger

  • Goldfinger Sean Dr. No All of them.

  • Movie: The spy who loved me Portrayer: Sean Connery Villian: Ernst Stavro Blofeld Girl: Ursula Anders

  • favorite bond movie: goldfinger player: timothy dalton.....jk.....connery, of course! villain: always liked odd job. reminded me of what all my friends aspired to when i was growing across the street from UCI. girl: while i too thought that christmas only came once year, nothing beats ursula andress coming out of the ocean with that white little nothing slung about her.

  • I just saw XXX the other day. All the Bond explosions with any of the sophisication. I liked the beginning where they tried to assassinate the Bond-imitator. All I have to say is this: Let's see Vin Diesel try to inflitrate Spectre. He would DIE THAT DAY.

  • My answer:

    One of the reasons that this question was up so long is that I couldn't make up my mind. Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service with The Man with the Golden Gun a very close second. Favorite Bond: Dalton. Seriously. I've thought that each of them except Brosnan has brought something unique to the role, but Dalton is the closest to the Bond of the books. Villian: Goldfinger. "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." Girl: Well, it has to be Famke Janssen as Xenia, but Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl in For Your Eyes Only totally rocked my boat too.

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