Research & Publications


Ohlandt, D. "This is My Body, Broken: Fantasies of Resurrection in 21st Century Television"
forthcoming chapter in anthology Small Screen Revelations, edited by Marcus O'Donnell, Sheffield Phoenix Press

Ohlandt, D. "Voice Embodied: Rhetoric at the Intersection of Writing and Performance"
2007 chapter in anthology What Is the New Rhetoric?, edited by Susan Thomas, Cambridge Scholars Press

Ohlandt-Ross, D. "Rehearsal As Cartography: Some Challenges for Metaphor and Practice"
January 2006 article published in About Performance, #6 (2006)

Ross, Dee. "Playing the Line: Language Games in the Plays of Tom Stoppard"
April 2002 article published in Text & Presentation, v. 23 (April 2002)



"Trying to Relate: Disability and the Politics of Representation in Contemporary Theatre"
University of Michigan, 2006 | dissertation chair: E. J. Westlake
winner 2007 Michael Myatt Distinguished Dissertation in Disability Studies Award

dissertation abstract | 12-page dissertation overview (.pdf download)


Juried Presentations & Invited Talks

abstract "“Tutu-Clad Studs” and “Pseudo Ballerinas”: The “Body Language” of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo"
November 2010 paper presented on the ASTR conference panel: "New Cartographies: Mapping Identity Politics in Theatre and Dance"

abstract "The Appearance of Authenticity: Adapted & Artificial Language(s) in Deaf Theatre"
November 2007 paper presented at the Performance Studies International (PSi) conference: "Event/Performance/Happening"

abstract "Actors in the Mist: Observing Theatre Artists in Their Natural Habitat"
November 2006 paper presented on the ASTR conference panel: "Live Subjects: The Pleasures and Perils of Field Research"

abstract "Science or Art? A (Postmodern) Matter of Life and Death"
August 2006 paper presented on the ATHE conference panel: "Abra Cadaver: The Dead Body in Performance and Spectacle"

abstract "Speaking As / Speaking For: Mental Illness as Disability in Theatrical Performance"
June 2006 paper presented at the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) conference

abstract "Voice Embodied: Putting Performance Studies (Back) into Rhetoric, or the Other Way Around"
September 2005 paper presented at the University of Sydney conference: "What is the New Rhetoric?"

abstract "Getting Into History: the Problem with People in Historical Re-enactments"
July 2005 paper presented at Australasian Assoc. for Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) conference: "Journeys to the Interior"

abstract "Casting Strategies as a Site of Aesthetic Refusal"
April 2005 paper presented at the Philament journal (University of Sydney) conference: "The Politics and Aesthetics of Refusal"

seminar website "Considering Bodies in Evaluating Taste"
November 2004 roundtable seminar convened and chaired for the ASTR conference: "Accounting for Taste"

abstract "Bodies of Research: On Acting, Ethnography, and Disability"
August 2004 paper presented to the Int'l Centre for Advanced Theatre Studies (ICATS) seminar for invited PhD students

abstract "Form and Function: Disabled Characters in 20th Century Drama"
April 2004 paper presented at the 28th Comparative Drama Conference

abstract "Purely Formal Bodies: 'Characters Who Act' and Witkacy's Theory of Pure Form"
April 2003 paper presented at the 27th Comparative Drama Conference

abstract "Toward a Responsible Portrayal of Blindness: Casting 'Across Ability' in Friel's Molly Sweeney"
November 2002 paper presented at the ASTR conference roundtable seminar: "The Material Considerations of Casting"