Facts About The Chief Dervish

Supreme Chief Stationary Dervish is a title bestowed by the Goddess. The Chief Dervish's duties are many and varied, and include:

  • Keeping the Sacred Oil
  • Changing the Sacred Oil (repeat as necessary)
  • Getting Poked in the Ribs A Lot
  • Taking Scandalous "Religious" Photographs
  • Other Things Too Arcane and Devious To Mention

    Chief Dervish is not a lifetime appointment, and the title may be taken away or bestowed pretty much at the Goddess' whim.

    Er...in fact, the current Chief Dervish has been demoted at least twice (once as far as "*ahem*"), but always manages to wind up on his feet. Or on his back if pushed hard enough....

    In his civilian identity, the Chief Dervish can even be contacted via e-mail.

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