Math 115 021

Instructor: Dondi Ellis

Office Hours

East Hall B723

M/W 4:00 - 5:00 PM

or by appointment


Lecture Notes in an unfinished state


The Gateway Opens Monday. Five (5) points extra credit on the next quiz for anyone who passes the gateway exam before Spring Break.

New Challenge set has been posted.

Feb. 12 I will hold free clinic hours starting at 12:00 PM for anyone who needs a walk-in appointment before Exam 1.

Good luck on the Exam! Hopefully this will be you on the exam.

The first midterm is Tues. Feb. 12. The exam is 6 - 7:30 PM in Angell Hall Aud. B

There will be weekly challenge exercises worth 2 extra points each on the following week's quiz. The first one has been posted.

There will be a quiz Wed. Jan. 30.

Solutions to quiz 2 have been posted.

width="width"A construction of a torus. Now I want to eat paper for some reason...


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quiz 1

solutions to quiz 1

quiz 2

solutions to quiz 2

quiz 3 solutions on course website

quiz 4 solutions on course website

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solutions to quiz 5

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solutions to quiz 6

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solutions to quiz 7

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solutions to quiz 8

Challenge Sets

Challenge set 2 due Fri. March. 1

Challenge set 1 due Wed. Feb. 6

Some useful links

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Old AP Calculus Exams (Free Response)

The topologist had a hard time distinguishing between his coffee cup and his donut.